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Oh Bilal: Why 3 Hour RAWs work

by Bilal V - December 08, 2010

From the Old School RAW to the up coming Slammys Award show WWE has really made use of the extra hour on Monday nights. More amazing they’ve worked even prior to The Miz winning the WWE Championship.

Why do they work?

3 hour RAWs are a lot like Pay Per Views: They are slotted for 3 hours like PPV but of course with commercials and other breaks neither reaches that full length. More recently both use themes. With RAW its pretty clear every special has a solid theme and many new PPV’s are adapting themes. Both also have a solid amounts of build up. With The King of the Ring especially that could of very easily been a PPV, just throw in a couple Smackdown championship matches.

Use of Smackdown superstars: One thing that has been lacking of late is integration of RAW and Smackdown superstars aside from the Bragging Rights PPV. During these 3 hour RAWs Alberto Del Rio and others have gotten some chances to face some RAW superstars. Granted this should be whats happening on the WWE Superstars show but its still good to see.

Ideas for future 3 hour RAWs

Cyber Monday: Take the Cyber Sunday (formerly Taboo Tuesday) PPV concept and allow the fans the ability to vote on aspects of all matches for one RAW. From the superstars in the matches to the stipulations.

Hardcore Night: While I’d prefer to see a ECW throwback night WWE has cut a few to many of those ties. So instead bring back the Hardcore title for one night and have the 24/7 rule in effect. Call in some former champions and let the mayhem ensue.

Trade Show: Think the MLB winter meetings but with the two GM‘s watching matches and negotiating trades. Granted it would be Teddy Long calling a laptop a “Playa” but would still make for fun TV.

Until next week your either Wrestling Edge or against us!

  • erik

    @cena approve I don’t watch wwe have not since september. I don’t understand how you still enjoy wwe women who can’t wrestle cena winning all time and a bad tag team divison. How many more time’s does you hero have to win title?

  • LVW

    @Bilal- you mean something better than a dance off between Santino and Kozlov, haha.

  • Bilal

    Thanks Jeff and LVW. Rob your right about viewers choice I had that in mind but I’m thinking something more akin to the Cyber Sunday PPV. Think picking who faces the IC champion. Viewers choice had fairly minimal match stipulations.

  • Rob

    Didn’t we have a viewers choice 3 hour Raw when Hart was GM… and a Draft night… but Hardcore night sounds cool

  • LVW

    I can hear Michael Cole saying “I have a trade from the RAW anonymous GM”………………”And I quote”

  • Jeff , The Truth

    I like the idea for the winter meetings type trade show, good idea. It would be nice to see cyber sunday or cyber raw actually mean something, or at least have the illusion of being real.

  • Bilal

    Thanks Cena Approved, I did think about it while writing but couldn’t recall the name.

  • cena approved

    @bilal v, they did have some viewers choice raw a while back, basically the same just diff, name.

  • cena approved

    @erik, Why do you still watch then complain on here? common sense….

  • Bilal V

    Hey Erik, I can’t argue that MNF is likely a better use of your Monday night. When it comes to the NFL I’m more a highlight based person. RAW just hits a lot of notes in one self-contained show. Frankly, I DVR RAW it and skip some entrances and recaps. I would agree with you about the tag team division though.

  • erik

    To the blooger bias why is raw even worth tunning in to? I mean divas can’t wrestle it is mctaker and layla show. tag team divison is really bad right now. They have old guest hosts who plug books 3 minute diva matches. talk talk talk talk i would rather watch mnf game than watch this crap.

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