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Original Plans for Batista’s Heel Turn at Last Monday’s RAW

– A segment was scripted into last Monday’s RAW from Green Bay that would have seen Batista turn heel but it was pushed back to Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings and toned down a bit.

The original plan was for Randy Orton to come out and talk about how fans boo Batista and like him more than they do Batista. That and a loss to Alberto Del Rio was supposed to be the breaking point for Batista to go “ape shit” on the fans to turn heel. The idea was that Orton “unleashed The Animal.”

The decision was made to tone the segment down for RAW. Even before he actually turned on SmackDown, the idea was to do a few segments and matches over the next week or so to build to the heel turn but they went ahead with it.

Source: PWInsider

  • xXx

    i guess they were forced to turn him heel cuz of that..

  • Timothy Davis

    It’ll be Punk and Punk will win the title or go home. I think it should be Ziggler in the title three way now after Smackdown and have Ziggler steal the show and the title. That could be the turning point of WWE if done right.

  • Shawn OB

    A what? A patch up. That’s nice. They’re caving in if that’s happening. I don’t mind Batista on the mic. They should just should have well written scripts, that’s all and have Batista utilize more moves even before WM and let him be himself. The guy looks so dizzy out there.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Batista seriously just returned at the absolute worst time. I ‘am some what of a fan of Batista, but between this Bryan getting screwed over and Punk leaving, any returning superstar was doomed to fail.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    orrr maybe we just don’t give a f***

    when will the wwe ever learn that if the fans don’t care about somebody, that doesn’t mean continue to push him down our throats. Wrestlemanias already ruined by their idiotic ideas, don’t make it worse

  • Automattic

    And with his heel turn, the WM main event has now become the worst possible outcome. Heel v. Heel rarely ever works as the main event. It’s not like Cesaro v. Orton from the other week, where you actually enjoy watching Cesaro in a top-level match. But I can’t really think of anyone looking forward to Orton v. Batista. At this point, WWE almost has to add a Face to the match to save it. Doesn’t mean that they will, but it would be nice.

  • TheFizPop

    Three way Bryan, batista and orton, batista wins, garners even more heat, then come Seattle PPV Bryan eventually conquers the animal and wins

  • Jeff Wurtz

    I didn’t know they had to script his heel turn. I thought having him win the Rumble pissed the crowd off enough.