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Orlando Jordan Talks TNA, Expresses Disappointment With Character Development

Orlando Jordan appeared on World Wrestling Insanity, which is available at Highlights from his interview are as follows:

The one man shock-and-awe of TNA, Orlando Jordan turned heads with each move he made. Debuting with an outrageous entrance, OJ seemed destined for spectacular things. However, as time went on, the spectacle died down and the gimmick followed suit. As Jordan explains to James Guttman, the idea was never to be another version of Goldust. There were many plans he had for his character, but sometimes you have to compromise and, as he tells members, sometimes too much compromise can knock a solid idea off course…

“I enjoyed my time there. I was a little bit disappointed with the progression of the character because we started out where I wanted to go – and I laid out how I wanted this character to start and develop – because I believe a character should grow. Every character evolves and I wanted this character to evolve. That was the understanding…When you work for a company, you can’t get everything you want. You have to compromise. And I compromised with the character on what they wanted and that was part of the deal. That was a hard thing. That was a challenge. Trying to do what I wanted and trying to give what I wanted the way I knew it could be delivered and then also what the company wanted to present – that was a challenge there. In the end, I was a little bit disappointed in that area and stuff.”

Orlando goes into detail on the character’s original intention and how it would have helped shatter stereotypes. He also speaks about the shocking nature of it all, the goal TNA had for it, and why it might have been better suited for WWE. In the end, though, there were no hard feelings and OJ had to do what was right for him, as the audio show continues, he tells JG the circumstances surrounding his release…

“I’m a professional and I’m a performer. So I’m always willing to do something different and that was the attempt. Like I said, you have to compromise and stuff like that. But when you compromise, you start to lose the direction. That’s where it headed. Eventually, I had to make decisions and if it wasn’t headed in the direction I wanted, I had to make decisions…I know they said I was released, but I had made a series of inquires to TNA about things and – I got released on a Monday – that Friday (before), I had actually called the TNA office and said, “Look. I need something to happen and I’m not happy and I need to be able to do more things.” The person I talked to wasn’t really in the position, I don’t think, to do anything. So I left my piece of mind and then I was granted my release on Monday. So that’s what happened. Was I upset? No. Not at all. I was very content with how things went out and we parted on good terms and everything. ”

Although a return to WWE or TNA is always a possibility, don’t worry about Orlando Jordan in the meantime. He’s keeping busy with his brand new training facility, Wildkats Sports Dojo. With a resume that includes top spots in WWE, TNA, and overseas tours, Jordan knows how to get noticed. Now, he’s sharing his secret with wrestling’s future stars and giving back to the business he loves. He tells listeners all about it and directs them to for all the latest info:

“The new dojo! WildKat Sports Dojo out in New Orleans – particularly Kenner, Louisiana. That is the new training facility that I have opened up along with my partner Luke Hawx, who has been a very successful independent worker in his own right. He’s also a stunt actor and done a lot. Probably done just as much and more known in that area than wrestling, which is crazy because he’s busted his ass in both. So, we have the Wildkat Sports Dojo in Kenner, Louisiana. And it’s going great man. We’ve only been open for a few months but we have some strong, good looking, talented, hard-working guys. We have about ten students training for professional wrestling. Also, the other thing we’re doing in the local area is mixed martial arts, grappling – I have a background in grappling, boxing, bringing specialists from specific martial arts backgrounds by the end of the year. It’s good. Going good. I’m excited, man. I live for training. I’ve done it my whole life.”

  • Devil_Rising

    Fit Finley was a relative “never was” in the American scene, whose career was supposed to be over, and yet, at 40-something (more like 50), he came out of retirement, and had several great years in WWE, including main eventing at least one PPV for the world title, and being in several Wrestlemania matches. He literally resurrected his career. He may not have ever won “THE BELT”, but he made a lasting impression on wrestling fans, and had the career he SHOULD have had in the US when he was younger.

  • starz

    @cc @mj…….Tell me one superstar who was never that big of a name like oj 37 that came in to tna or wwe and won world titles?


    @cc @mj…….Tell me one superstar who was never that big of a name like oj 37 that came in to tna or wwe and won world titles?

  • venom

    I’m glad this garbage is done with both companies. He is not too old to return to TNA. Flair is in his early 60s and is suppose to wrestle Kurt Angle or Sting on the next ppv.

  • Jon-Jon

    Why all the hate for him? He hasn’t bashed anyone, been in any trouble, or made any fuss since being released, yet you people sit here hate on him. Why? Because he’s different? I’m glad he’s happy with what he’s doing now because he seems like a nice guy who loves the business he is in.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    I lost interest n readin halfway through

  • CC

    @Starz .. yeah, cause nobody that old has ever joined TNA and WWE, and has never been a champion.

  • MWDynomite

    Shut the fuck up you faggot

  • Bill

    That “gimmick” OJ had was garbage. I am still disgusted at the entrance he made on iMPACT when it debuted.

  • MJ

    woah, woah, woah!! Your telling me a 37 year old can’t come back to Impact wrestling? They have Kurt angle who’s in his 40’s beat sting a guy in his 50’s win the world title so he can come back whenever. WWE on the other hand will have him be a producer or something like that or a trainer in FCW


    jordan had potential like 5 years ago now he just a old never was just like starz said

  • Nwo madman

    orlando jordan is done.

  • Big Joe

    ^^^^^^^^ SO true bro!!!!!

  • starz

    Your 37 dude ….you will never return to wwe or tna because your old and a never was! reality hurts but its true my brother ……i liked the chief of staff O.J but you fell off after that….good luck tho hope your traing facility does well!