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Packers Take Over the SmackDown Tapings, What Happened After & More

– The atmosphere at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Green Bay was said to be more energetic than any recent WWE event in the area. The Packers’ Super Bowl celebration across the street at Lambeau Field with around 80,000 people in attendance ended less than an hour before WWE’s tapings began.

After WWE taped NXT and Superstars last night, Clay Matthews and his teammates showed up in the crowd holding replica championship belts to a huge ovation. It’s speculated that WWE did well on replica title belt sales last night as most fans were spotted wearing them.

Fans noted that “Let’s Go Pack” chants could be heard throughout the tapings last night, especially when the crowd seemed to lose interest in certain matches.

After the tapings ended, Edge and the Packers celebrated in the ring with kids and their replica belts. Edge took the mic and told Green Bay that they “have a ring full of World Champions. Screw the Steelers.”

Everyone then left until Dolph Ziggler grabbed the mic and said the Packers suck. Ziggler tried to get a “Packers sucks” chant going but Edge came back in and speared him to end the show.

  • Joe

    80,000? Someone’s exaggerating, Lambeau only fits around 73,000, and all of the club seats were empty. I’d guess somewhere around 55,000 people there.

    I’m sure that Smackdown was a sellout, I wish I would’ve gotten tickets.

    And of course Edge is pandering to the crowd, it’s two days following the Super Bowl. I guarantee that if the Packers had lost, one of the heels would’ve been talking shit about how the Packers suck. It’s called acting.

  • Buttercastle

    That’s his fault not Edge’s. He chose the wrong day to be having a bad game.

  • Steelers Fan

    I used to like you Edge, u go to whatever city ur in and pander to the fans. u did that in pittsburgh too and were praising pittsburgh. Just dont say screw the Steelers because Roethlisberger had a bad game.