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Paul Heyman Discusses His Involvement With WWE ’13, Kelly Kelly Comments on Award

– Kelly Kelly received an award at the Action Icon Awards last night, you can check out a pic of her receiving the award below:

Barbie Blank@TheBarbieBlank
With my #daretobedifferent award thank you @ActionIconAward for this amazing honor!
Kelly Kelly Receives Award

– IGN is featuring an interview with Paul Heyman, who helped create some of the Attitude Era storylines in Universe Mode in WWE ’13. Here is an excerpt from the article.

“It’d be what an Attitude Era fan would relate to but what a modern day fan would understand is current and not just nostalgia,” Heyman said of the Universe Mode. “If you just come back and recreate from 15 years ago, you’re not really offering much. If you present the Attitude Era as a modern day concept, then you’re doing something that’s new.”

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