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Person Who Attacked John Cena on Raw Revealed

The wrestler that debuted on Monday’s episode of Raw with AJ Lee was NXT talent Big E. Langston, a former national powerlifting champion who was recruited and trained by WWE developmental.

Langston signed with the company in 2009 and was brought up to work several Smackdown house show loops earlier in the year.

  • Tenryu Genichiro

    *he looks like a jolly nigger

  • Shawn

    Finally, the return of the Nation of Domination.

    Mark Henry
    Big E Langston
    Ezekial Jackson

  • Lazlo Woodbine

    Didn’t say he wasn’t. If not steroids, then something else. I read an article about bodybuilding drugs a while back that said there is new stuff on the market every month at least. And of course the questions like – does everyone get tested? is everyone held to the same standard? Vince loves the look of juiced up guys, he was on it himself by his own admission.

  • adam

    @lazlo like cena isnt on sterioids

  • Ejones

    Nxt films all their episodes for a month, over a weekend st beginning of each month thats why haven’t seen seth Rollins lose nxt title yer on tv. I would think the new tapings should start soon since filmed a few weeks ago.

  • But boy did he come out of nowhere.

  • Lazlo Woodbine

    Please, Cena was clearly attacked by anabolic steroids.

  • pewp

    i would like an NXT champ to bring the belt to raw and declare “Im as much of a champ as any champ here” and start a feud, while bringing interest to NXT.

    NXT can get credibility from raw fans, IF they can make sure we associate NXT with the shield, big e langston and guys like that. Reminiscent of Mike Awesome, Taz, Raven and a few others wearing the ECW belt on Nitro and Raw several times way back, if the NXT championship would appear and get mentioned that would do good. I even remember the NWA Championship and the Smokey Mountain Tag Team Championships being defended on Raw.

    When the WWE brings a “Non-WWE” title out, it generates suspense and Big Langston has the potential to wear the belt well on RAW. Of course the belt is a WWE belt, however the point still stands.

  • nick-hulk

    so nxt is pre recorderd months in advance, hence why the shield arent acknowledged on nxt untill about 3 episodes at the end of january in which rollins drops the title and seemingly moves to the main roster full time. Big E won the belt at the last tapping which mean Cena could deal with him and he return to nxt without ever having to acknowledge the nxt title on raw

  • Mordecai

    Hopefully, Big E Langston will get to continue to use his five-count gimmick…

  • adam

    From the matches I’ve scene Big e is pretty impressive in the ring. I think bray Wyatt would of been better in this situation as another unstable person to team with aj. I do like that the nxt champs get called up pretty quick

  • Prince

    I’ll like this if AJ ends up being Dolph’s manager and Langston is his bodyguard.

  • J-J

    Ezekiel Jackson had his push. He won the IC title & still never got over. That’s why he’s not getting pushed now…

  • WOW

    @Daniel Schein? Seriously? The dude is a typical guy WWE loves to push. Cena isn’t but like 6’1. Your physique matters more than your height. If you look like you can bench press a hummer your golden in WWE.

    With that said Big E > Ryback

  • Daniel Schein

    In regards to Jackson one benefit Langston holds is he’s only 26 years old. Jackson has also been on WWE’s shit list in the past, which derailed his last push

  • Daniel Schein

    Actually I think Langston has quite a bit of potential. It’s odd they called him up now since he just recently won the NXT title from Rollins. It’s also interesting that he’s getting such a big push right off the bat since despite being muscular he’s only about 5″11. More proof hopefully that WWE is looking more at talent rather than size.

  • pewp

    jobber finisher, he has.

    also, i am wondering why he didn’t wear the NXT belt, you can’t expect a non-NXT viewer like me to care when i don’t see his belt.

  • Breezy

    Monty brown 2.0

  • Zedd

    Because Zeke is worthless.

  • Crooked Halo

    Pretty sure his name is Ryblack

  • Cboz78

    He was Cena’s guy in that gym lifting video. They are probably going to make a storyline about their relationship somehow.

  • Men on a Mission

    So, push this guy but not Zeke Jackson? I don’t get it.

  • Jimbo

    What are the chances that senile, batshit insane Vince McMahon will forget he brought up Langston by tomorrow morning and they’ll never mention his run ever again?

  • Hank Moody

    Can’t believe he got called up before Wyatt.

    Oh wait, he’s on DEM ROIDS. Maybe I can believe it.

  • Andrew

    ….they said it on commentary…like LITERALLY when he was in the ring….why is this news??