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  • erik

    The thing is with cena i apperciate cena the make a wish fountain guy. but the in ringn wrestler and entertainer is just boring and i feel he takes up too much air time when writing team should give that time to divas and tag teams divison.

  • Kelly

    Is Cookie saying “It started as a boil on my backside”?

  • dx

    the fact is, or atleast in my opinon everyone hates cena now because were just plain sick of him. i mean we start the show with him wit middle the show with him we end the show with him its over bearing. i liked cena from 05-07 when he first moved to raw and his first big feud with edge and his feud with umaga and all that stuff was good but its the same thing over and over and i remember a few months back watching and they had miz on in the middle of the show and ended it with cena and nexus and i thought to myself how pathetic is it that your not even ending ur show with ur champion but instead cena, that would have never happened in previous years but everything is about cena now, anyone agree

  • JOE

    @jushin liger i understand you don’t like cookie, but to make jokes at expense of japan is just plain ignorant and uncalled for!

  • Jushin Liger

    Note to Cena:
    schedule a Quick tour of Japan.It will get you even more positive PR and enough radiation to remove the mark left on the back of your neck from that walking center for disease control.She looks like she belongs as a background singer for the california raisins lmao (showing my age there a bit)

  • Trixie

    OMG Cena you really shouldn’t let that chick get that close to you. You now need some antivirals.

  • Bill

    @MrMarvelous. Thank god. Bill Sucks has been getting really annoying, but he said that he looked up Owen Hart on YouTube & thought the matches were great on another page, which is surprising.

  • MrMarvelous

    @Bill, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to bill sucks.

  • rick

    Cena should get that mole on his neck checked by a doctor.

  • bill sucks

    I dont remember dat hart foundation, didn’t watch then… I know theres bert hart who came bak last yr….. nd that blu blazer dude. @raziel I luv da Cena u.s. Title. So cool…. Dat jar of mayo, sheamus shuld use it….. then lose it to cena or orton! hahaha! Shemus isn’t dat bad, but I just like orton n cena bettr

  • Raziel

    I’m black and I loved the US Spinning belt, I hate his character, the person seems like a decent dude. And his neck now has a VD.

  • Bill

    @MrMarvelous Are you talking to me or bill sucks? I liked the Hart Foundation, I was just saying that the angle they were in almost crossed the line. Not even because of the Harts…

  • Gary

    Yall need to understand somthing, it isnt CENA who picked this for himself, He isnt the man who calls who wins…If your going to hate someone hate vince and the writting team….Any of you (including myself) would do EXCATLY what cena has done for the money that he makes…Me myself, He is a great guy but just dnt like his “Persona”

  • JOE

    For the last time i did’nt call cena a racist!! How do you get racism from insult? I sad it was an insult to black, because it was sending a message that all niggas love are big shinning things with fake diamonds that spins. Now it might not have rubbed all black people that way, but it did to me.

  • blongguru

    Saba Simba,lol next u will tell me Black Bart was a racist

  • MrMarvelous

    @Bill, that was really stupid what you just said! The hart foundation had a lot of great wrestlers in that group!

  • bill sucks

    who cares? cena rules! those hart guys r stupid. i’ve heard of them, brets a jerk. so’s that blue blaser man. it should be cena foundation! chaingang, homiez!

  • Chris

    Actually Bill, I’d say Saba Simba was a LOT closer to being racist than the NoD. The Nation seemed more like a Nation of Islam type deal, Saba Simba was…well, pretty racist.

  • Bill

    Cena being racist? I personally don’t see why you think that JOE, but his rapper gimmick was pretty stereotypical. The closest to racism in WWE was in the WWF 1997, with the Nation of Domination, DX, & Hart Foundation angle. Some say the NOD were like the black panthers. I think the belt should change soon, but change back to an old belt. Looking at the new tag titles, it would be best if it was an older belt…

  • JOE

    @EnderMX when did i say cena’s character was racist? I said that when they gave him that stupid spinner belt that it was an insult to black people. Now it may not be an insult to all black people, but it is to me. So before you come on here learn how to read and comprend before start putting word’s in people’s mouth’s.

  • vide

    Ewww…cena go wash ur neck before it begins to grow a rash….u dont know what types of stick has entered that dirty oompa loompa’s chocolate factory lol

  • EnderMX

    *if you happen to sneeze in their general direction

  • EnderMX

    Some black people scream racism is you happen to sneeze in their general direction.

  • Chris

    The reason I hate Cena is not even all that much the fault of Cena. Sure he has his fake goodie good side that is totally annoying, but my biggest beef is how the WWE, since he is the merchandising juggernaut and fan boy dream, has built him up to unbelievable levels. I don’t need to see him in EVERY Raw main event, and in EVERY PPV main event over and over. Most all what grinds my gears is watching people take less beatings and be out for weeks, then Cena takes 10x the punishment and comes back the next week like nothing has happened at all…that and when you can’t find the droids you’re looking for =)

  • bill sucks

    @JOE & Big Daddy spinner title rules, suckas!

  • Big Daddy

    @ JOE How is that insulting black people?

  • JOE

    @rucdogg don’t forget he added insult to us black ppl by walking around with a spinning belt!!!!!

  • Rucdogg

    People dont like Cena because he started(in WWE) as a dork, then turned into a thug, now he is a mix between a dork and a thug that cant be beat and is super lame. At least thats why I dont like Cena, if they turned him heel and let him start rapping again he would be ok. But as someone that was from the hood its hard to believe someone from west newberry ma is ghetto.

  • Bill

    Cena seems like a great human being…… but isn’t really exciting. Wow, he’s just like our “Real American”, Hulk Hogan. Let’s hope Cena doesn’t end up in TNA doing cheesy commercials…. Nobody deserves that.

  • Ray

    People hate Cena because he’s fake. You can just feel the bullshit radiating from him when he talks about loving this business or any of that Make-A-Wish stuff.

    He sucks. Simple as that.

  • The Alex

    @wAnxTa I think in Cena’s case it’s not exactly jealousy, i mean if was The Rock in this pic instead of Cena no one would hate that.

  • wAnxTa

    Jealousy is what most people call it.


    if that were me id turn her around up there.