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Photo: Did WWE’s Post-Brand Extension PPV Schedule Just Get Leaked?

The WWE is set to make a huge move with it’s upcoming brand extension, as Smackdown will now air live on the USA Network on Tuesday nights starting July 19th. A draft will be held to determine which superstars will be put exclusively on either RAW or Smackdown during Tuesday night’s first live episode of Smackdown on July 19th.

In addition to splitting rosters, each show will have their very own pay-per-view (PPV) events, and thanks to a user on Reddit, we have the photo for you here:


  • Keith Learmonth

    That says “Clash of Champions”, though. Totally different.

  • Will Henderson

    right now, i’m gonna go with “Fake”, it might be real, but i don’t think WWE would change their PPV schedule like that

  • M

    No Mercy and Backlash sound refreshing, hopefully Vengeance and some of the prior ppv names will make a return.

  • VRA

    I mean, we already knew that.

  • nick-hulk

    Night of Champions a RAW event… so we know were all the belts are going