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New Plan for Bound For Glory, Hogan Signs Endorsement Deal, Tapings Attendance

– Hulk Hogan has signed an endorsement deal with Sports Nutritional Innovations to launch in October. The site will feature “feature thousands of products and top major brands, making it a one-stop shop where ‘Hulkamaniacs’ can fulfill all their nutritional needs.”

– Not many details are known yet but TNA is planning to screen the Bound For Glory pay-per-view on closed circuit in movie theaters.

– The local NBC affiliate in Knoxville, Tennessee did a story last night on the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings that were in town. Knoxville Coliseum officials claimed that the tapings were a sell out with 5,000 fans.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • ironcross

    5000 people is hardly anything, 2 hours of spike dudley and hornswoggle would sell more then 5000 tickets

  • jared

    @Jason I hear ya on that one.

    I remember bischoff wanted to eliminate what he created which was the 12 month ppv. I believe that TNA could increase their profit by having 4 ppv a year (Genesis – January. Lockdown – April. Slammiversary – June. Victory Road – August. Bound for Glory – October.)

    No one is buying any more. So eliminate except for ones I mentioned. Go live 3hr impacts to fill the gaps

  • Jason

    WWE used to do that at theaters. Big way to make money. Obviously they would make money. Hell I used to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch WWE PPVS. Good food, good people, & watch a PPV ya know.

    Honestly unless it was a damn good sounding PPV I won’t order it. WWE and TNA as well need to understand that PPV prices are ridiculous and unless you have ppl coming over and putting in for the PPV that the buy rates aren’t going to be that high.

  • John

    I was there last night, while the coliseum was pretty full it was far from sold out. Whole sections were empty behind the cameras.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    How many people are they going to let watch for free?

  • venom

    I don’t think BFG will be a big enough event for the movies.