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Plans for a Featured SummerSlam Match, Idea Discussed for Extreme Rules

– Going into WWE Extreme Rules, there had been talk of doing something with a gimmicked ring in either the Strap Match or the Steel Cage Match. This was brought up in a meeting the week before the pay-per-view. Presumably, the idea was nixed when they decided to go with the breakaway wall gimmick for the finish of the Ryback vs. John Cena match.

– The current plan is for Randy Orton vs. Sheamus to be a featured match at this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, meaning one of them would have to turn heel soon. Orton has been rumored to turn heel for about a year now.


  • ddfindl

    If I never watched it, I wouldn’t know what I was comparing it to. Aside from the Bound for Glory series and a few decent storylines, their booking is lacking (not that the WWE isn’t). How many times are we going to see a massive heel faction “take over” TNA? How many times are each individual wrestler going to heel/face turn in any given 3 – 4 month period? Oh look, It’s Sting in the world title picture again for no apparent reason… thank you

  • Mike Bates

    Ahh classic TNA basher who doesnt actually watch it, TNA introduced a rankings system for world title shots and it didnt work too well, but they do have the Bound For Glory Series which is an excellent concept and means you get at least 3 strong matches (with time and a finish) per show…thank you

  • ddfindl

    They should seriously consider some kind of weighted power-ranking system for the WHC, similar to the way WCW had it. Every one in the title picture has been feuding with one another randomly for the last year or so, I feel like I’m watching TNA.