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Plans Revealed for Mysterio & Cara Going Into WrestleMania 29

– WWE has put Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara together to build to a WrestleMania 29 match.

You may remember that WWE wanted to do Mysterio vs. Cara at WrestleMania 28 but both of them got injured. WWE was planning to give out luchador masks to everyone in attendance at WrestleMania 28 and then have them wear the masks before the Cara-Mysterio bout so they could set the Guinness World Record for most masks worn in one place at the same time. This is what WWE is building to for WrestleMania 29.

The new Rey-Cara partnership goes deeper than that though. Rey is not 100% right now and the idea is to put him with Cara so they can work together with Rey being hidden some while he works on getting back to 100%. Another idea is to connect Rey and Cara as partners because there’s a feeling that Rey’s fans aren’t connected to Cara just yet.

There has also been talk of Cara and Mysterio winning the WWE Tag Team Titles before breaking up for the WrestleMania 29 match.


  • The_electrifying_one

    @EVH that’s very different mate but I reckon it could work. Sort of like what they did with Rock and Cena. Last Mania I was firmly supporting Rock while my brother was supporting Cena.

    I reckon another reason for the duo is so that Cara can cut promo’s to get his character across until he learns English fluently.

  • EVH

    @W. cares
    I dont know if they’d want Rey as a heel, he’s very much a fan favorite and it would make their top english speaking mexican wrestles (RM and Del Rio) heels. If they do pair them as a tag team and build up to a match at WM i can see it happening without turning one of them heel. They could have either Rey or SC accidentally hit the other which would cost them the match, after the bell they’re both going back and forth, pushing and shoving each other before all hell breaks loose, the refs come in and separate them, keep booking them as faces and let the crowd decide at WM who they want to cheer for. But at the end i see them hugging it out.

  • Tyler

    Rey and Cara that would be the next greatest tag team if you do a tag Mysterio and Cara would but the tag team division back on the map

  • Triple H

    these guys are that damn good. Glad to hear that they’re being used well, but what can i say, i hired one of them u know… ha ha

  • Ducky

    Keep them as a tag team I really think is an amazing idea

  • W.cares

    Maybe Sin Cara starts to go over with the fans as they have a run with the Tag Titles, Rey gets jealous which gives WWE a rare chance to make Rey Mysterio a heel which would allow Sin Cara to take Reys place as the masked face of the company when Rey retires.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    This should work out really well if both guys keep fit till March and if Rey doesn’t fail a drug test or say he’s unhappy in WWE.

  • Frank

    As long as they get rid of that annoying lighting during Cara’s matches!!!

  • Champ

    I can live with that.

  • JohnM

    I hope this is true. I’m on board!

  • pulgeezy

    That should be the plan going forward if ur not going to do anything with the tag team division at the very least make it entertaining for us viewers.