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Possible Spoiler on Tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble

– Advertisements for WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view have been airing on ESPN the past few days and the ads indicate that the WWE Title will be on the line in the RAW Elimination Chamber match and that the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match will decide who faces the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania.

This may mean that the plan has been for the winner of tonight’s 30-man Royal Rumble match will choose to compete for the WWE Title at WrestleMania.

  • Bill

    **Spoiler Alert** Edge will challenge Christian for the ECW title.

  • VFF


  • iCards

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining about repeat winners the last multiple winner was Austin back in 2001. Ever since it has been a first timer every year, some may have won world titles or Wrestlemanias before that but they have all been first time winners of the Royal Rumble match. Also, the only possible repeat would be HBK, since anyone else wouldn’t make a lot of sense, but if this early promo is right he may lose the Rumble and sneak into the chamber for a shot at the Undertaker. If Taker beats Mysterio tonight that is.

  • Vampi

    Anyone but Cena, please… Not Cena…

  • Mordecai

    To be honest, I have nothing against Triple H, it’s just it would be actually more interesting to maybe see him feud with Michaels at WM instead of him going after the title….again

  • adam

    what is every ones problem with HHH he is the best vocal and wrestling ablity, great as a heel or face, the complete wrestler no one comes close to him. yes i am a fan of his since his first start in wwe, yea so what if he is married to steph. he is great in the ring too.

  • smackdownfan

    It would be great if Jericho won and challenged for the WWE title, thus bring him back to Raw (seeings this is what WWE seems to want) and then at Elimination Chamber Edge returns and wins! Therefore you have Chris Jericho vs Edge for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania… Now that exciting

  • johnny

    fuck you hhh haters , but as for the rumble , orton needs to win the belt, and dibiase needs to win the rumblwe like my good friend above said. or i would like to see sheamus vs batista

  • Ray

    This means Triple H is going to win. Triple H vs. Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Michaels wins Elimination Chamber, vs. Taker at Wrestlemania. Jericho vs. Edge, Orton vs. DiBiasi, Hart vs. McMahon at Wrestlemania. Is this too predictable? I wonder where this leaves Cena? In a triple threat with Sheamus and Triple H?

  • Rated E-dgehead

    If I get my way, Orton will win the belt and Dibiase will win the Rumble. Otherwise it will be Triple H and Sheamus.:(

    I could see Dibiase costing Orton the match tonight, and winning the Rumble. Then Orton wins the belt at Elimination Chamber and there’s your setup.

    Triple H winning would just have no excitement to it.

  • Paton


    please don’t it be HHH, I can’t even imagine the train wreck that would be HHH v Sheamus main eventing Wrestlemania

  • Noir

    My guess is sergioel or kyle dudley are right

  • The Truth

    In order to start changing the product, they need to have the element of surprise, and the winner of the Rumble be somebody that nobody predicted, or somebody that was a possibility but a “long shot.”

  • Andrew

    Valo487, i get ya man, really, i do, but after so long of facing week after week of constant garbage (I will admit once in a blue moon, something good does happen, but out of those good things, a lot fall flat) and Vince’s neglect to change the product, he knows that you’re gonna watch it anyways. I’m pretty sure he’s playing off the idea that the “community” WANTS the product that we know and love, and he’s probably using that to get you to watch his product out of your hope that maybe, just maybe, you’ll see an entertaining product. If he really cared, he could change the product just like that, but we keep lining his pockets and giving him his ratings while he’s displaying this stuff, so we’re “giving in” and the message we’re sending him is that we’re alright with this product as it is when we all know that we’re not. I haven’t watched RAW since Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho and I stopped watching PPV’s since last Wrestlemania as my message that I’m done with WWE’s c**p. If we all do that and even spread the word, it’ll send a message to him that his product isn’t working anymore and he needs to change now before he loses it all, y’know what i mean?

  • kyle dudley

    hey they’ll have orton win the title & ted dibiase win the rumble!

  • sergioel

    orton loses, enters the rumble and gets eliminated by dibiase..setting up dibiase vs orton at mania!

  • The Truth

    I’d like to see someone new win the Rumble too, but problem is WWE has no faith in it’s newer Main Headliners until they win up proving themselves. A Kofi Kingston, CM Punk or Jericho victory would be awesome. I still don’t believe Edge is coming back. And I don’t believe the loser of the WWE Title will enter the Rumble and win, it’s too predictable and with as much pushing for the younger talent the WWE has done in the last 6 months, it wouldn’t make sense. But to Main Event Wrestlemania, we’re probably looking at a repeat winner, yet again.

  • Mikey

    If Triple H wins, we riot!

  • DH

    If Randy Orton wins the WWE Title tonight, then Shemaus will win the Royal Rumble.

  • OD2

    You Right Guys,It Will Be Very Boring To See WWE Superstar That Already Won The Royal Rumble Win Again,It Must Be Someone That Never Won But Was a World Champion Like:Edge,Kane,Big Show,The Great Khali,Chris Jerico,Cm Punk. That Will Be Good Storyline !

  • Valo487

    Andrew, I can only speak for myself, but I am doing a lot of what you suggest. I’m not buying the PPV, I only seldom watch the shows if I don’t have anything else to do. So I’m giving them my opinion with my dollars and through the ratings. The thing is, I don’t want to. I want to watch the shows and the PPVs, but not like they are now. That’s where my frustration comes from, I want to look forward to Mondays like I used to, and feel a need to see a PPV because I need to know what’s going to happen,I miss enjoying the product. I really don’t get much of a thrill anymore from watching WWE, so I don’t. But I want to watch a quality WWE product, that’s where my disappointment comes from. I’m not tuning in every week then jumping online to say “That sucked.” I know it’s going to suck already, and I’m wondering when, if ever, they plan to stop sucking.

  • wowwow

    great match for wrestle mania cena vs a…..wait for it…a wet mop. it can not be any more boring then what they are doin now

  • Beards

    I just had a bizarre thought but this may make the PPV interesting. If Edge comes back tonight, he attacks Rey Mysterio backstage, Rey can’t go and then Edge fills in and then Edge and Taker feud!

  • robert

    i swear if edge returns??who is gona win 2 nite

  • b.c. mitchell

    Quit bitchin. All the time with the if Cena/HHH wins I’ll never watch again crap. Yes you will and they know it

  • Jerky

    If HHH wins i’m stopping watching WWE for good.

  • Andrew

    y’know, I’m seriously gonna hear it for saying this, but why do we keep complaining about it when we can just spread the word and start boycotting these shows until we see some changes, i’m sure the “community” alone has to be a big chunk in Vince’s wallet so if we start boycotting these shows and, if necessary, start piling to their competing brands (ROH, TNA, etc.), we can send a message to him that the product needs to change, y’know? Who knows? If this actually worked, Vince’ll be driven to bring us back and start to improve his product.

  • Joe

    I’m tired of seeing the same damn match with Cena every ****ing year.

  • Jim

    Not another WM Main Event with Triple H please… at least not for the title.

  • Jeff

    If Cena wins, we riot!

  • Valo487

    Gee whiz, I wonder who that could be……