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Poster for Big Show’s Knucklehead Movie, What Maryse Said on RAW

– Ted sent word that Maryse’s French translation of what she said to Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly on RAW this past Monday reads like this: “Just want to let you know that, at the end, I will win the championship.”

– Below is the official poster for WWE’s new movie Knucklehead, starring Big Show:

  • JB

    I believe this is the WWE films first attempt at a comedy. The Big Show is a good choice, given good writing, the Big Show has good comedic timing. That being said the main weakness with WWE films, and most of Hollywood in general is poor writing skills. It always starts with the story. If you go back and see times when Big Show was on Saturday Night Live, or some of the other skits he has done over the years, he has potential. The main problem will be how to market a comedy starring one of your bigger heels? Do you switch him to a face during the buildup and run of the movie? WWE has made fairly poor judgement in the past.

    The best example of how to make wrestling and movies work is when Jessie Ventura was color with Vinny Mac, when Vinny asked , “So Jessie, in Predators how did it feel to work with Arnold Schwar…” Jessie cut him off with “Whadda mean Mic Mann! I was the star of that film!” That’s how to promote your viewers to see a movie with wrestlers in it.

  • darryl

    I’m not in the White Race, I’m Not In the Black Race. I’m In the Harley Race

  • Pieman

    And the racist arguements start all over again….

  • bingobear

    Dillberg on Wed, 3rd Feb 2010 8:15 AM

    That is a racist comment he is not black he is brown u idiot, are u color blind!!!!

  • Bill

    Haha… nice to see Show with hair again. I always liked his “Giant” look better than the bald “Show” look.

    Also, regarding the movie itself, I won’t judge it too soon, but with WWE’s track record of movies, it probably won’t win any awards (except, maybe, a Razzie). Maybe it’ll surprise everyone and be halfway decent. Maybe.

  • biggdogg40509

    give them a break… it will find it’s target audience (ie; my 8 yr old) and as well myself being that I will have to take him/buy the dvd or whatever format they release it in.
    Besides it has Dennis Farina & Jan from The Office 🙂

  • tRey2k

    are you serious? wow, good job on WWE’s part for making another “great” movie. sorry Big Show, but you’re no Dwayne Johnson..

  • jpilk

    oh god… this isnt looking too good

  • Ronald

    Hey, its that kid from Role Models lol