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Poster & Synopsis for John Cena’s Next WWE Studios Movie, NOC DVD News

– WWEDVDNews reports that CM Punk and Triple H are featured on the cover for the 2011 WWE Night of Champions DVD. As of now, there is no Blu-ray edition planned for North America but there is one planned for Europe. Night of Champions hits stores in North America on October 18th and the UK in December.

– Also courtesy of WWEDVDNews, here is the poster for WWE Studios’ next movie with John Cena – The Reunion.

“After the death of her father, a daughter (Amy Smart) is charged with fulfilling her father’s last wish – to bring his three sons back together… Sam (WWE Superstar John Cena), a hardened cop currently on suspension; Leo, (Ethan Embry) a loud-mouthed overbearing bail bondsman and Douglas, a handsome 20-year old thief fresh out of prison. When Leo discovers the con he pledged a lot of money for is suspected of kidnapping one of the wealthiest men in the country, he convinces his two brothers to join him on what will become a dangerous , yet exhilarating adventure.”

  • D2K

    Why doesn’t WWE just try producing good movies FIRST. Cast normal actors and actresses and concentrate on producing a quality product rather than just keep handing straight-to-DVD fodder to top-tier talent all the time.

  • Chris

    MJ, last time I checked, nobody was forcing you to watch John’s movie. Its your choice if you see it, unless you’re a parent that will need to accompany their child. I don’t like The Rock, so I don’t watch any of his movies, because that’s my choice. You too have the choice not to watch…isn’t America great?

    I find it hilarious that the haters assume it’ll be crappy just because John’s in it. Yet if The Rock or Punk were in it, they’d all be lining up to see it.

    The haters just hate that John’s got more work ethic than they do. Probably all working dead end jobs in their dead end lives wishing they could relive the glory days of their youth, so hate on the top guy in a company, because its what they wall want to be, but don’t want to work to be.

    Also here’s a thought, ever think its the company that gives John the belt all the time? Why should he turn it down? How many of you would turn down a promotion? *crickets* Yep, that’s what I thought.

  • breezy

    @MJ really u wonder why cena bashes rock? bcause cena makes movies but he is there on raw every week. where is rock? not in wwe he said he will never leave but its bullshit. not a cena fan because of his cheesy character but cena has integrity. he is the hardest worker in wwe and proves it every night. i wanna see him turn heel then we will get cena’s best work ethics. tooth fairy before this movie? i hope you’re kidding it might not be the best movie to weatch but this is to show if u work hard these are the opportunities u get. rock is a hardworker too but has no loyalty. his comeback was great but wouldve been better if he was to actually stay around.

  • venom

    Another crappy movie.

  • MJ

    Not being a troll like the other 3 but how is it that he was making fun of the rock because he makes movies and john cena is doing the samething the rock is doing? I mean i could see if all he was doing was wrestle oops i mean “entertain” people in the ring but no we have to see crappy movies that i;d rather watch the tooth fairy then watch this crap!

  • RAMSES 2


  • Toadie

    I see nothing but award after award for this piece of crap… (eyes roll damn near out of my head)