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Preview For Thursday’s Impact – James Storm’s Future, Knockouts Match has released the official preview for Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

IMPACT WRESTLING Preview: Roode, RVD, James Storm Update And More

Preview Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c. If you can’t watch it Thursday, make sure to set your DVR to record it so you don’t miss any of the action. The road to the Sunday, May 13 “Sacrifice” Pay-Per-View event continues on Thursday night!

– It’s the final countdown to Sacrifice! What will happen between World Champion Bobby Roode and challenger Rob Van Dam just days before their big match? Tune in and find out!

– Also on the huge broadcast, there will be an update on “Cowboy” James Storm and his future in TNA after he walked away from the ring after his loss to Roode at Lockdown

– Thursday’s IMPACT will also feature the final confrontation between “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan and “The Undefeated” Crimson

– The lovely but lethal TNA Knockouts will be in action as Brooke Tessmacher battles Velvet Sky

All this and much more on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast at 9/8c on SpikeTV, plus news on the upcoming “Sacrifice” Pay-Per-View event on Sunday, May 13

  • Jason

    Thank you Scooter, that was my point I was trying to get across.

  • scooter

    If you were real wrestling fans you’d try to watch all wrestling that is available to you not just wwe and tna.

  • Doc_Gonzo

    To Jason (all of them apparently) ,

    I was a TNA mark from the start due to them starting in Nashville which is a couple hours from where I live.

    I ordered the PPV’s every week,supported them for years,then stopped watching a little bit before Hogan/Bischoff came in.

    I watched a few episodes here and there after Hogan came in,and they were ok,watched an episode a few weeks back and it was improving….BUT…

    The reason people slam TNA is because they haven’t been doing ANYTHING to try and get fans excited. It just seems like they’re going through the motions. Yes,WWE does this too,but we do get great angles like Ambrose/Foley,Punk vs. WWE,etc. That are new and exciting and meant to build new main event caliber guys.

    TNA hasn’t done that at all. When guys like AJ and Joe should be TNA’s big franchise Main Eventers by now,they’re doing next to nothing,and get passed by for Bobby Roode and James Storm who just get pushed to the main event all of a sudden.And understand when I say that,I want TNA to succeed,but they seem to just be stagnant and go nowhere.And when they try new things they fail to build it well enough to get people interested.

    That’s why all the TNA hate…because everyone expected so much more from them by now,and all we’ve gotten is mediocre crap.


  • Soulshroude

    Jason = Pissing contest

  • Jason

    Really getting tired of all these fake Jason posters.

  • what?

    Jason just pwned

  • CC

    Oh, and lets not forget all his negative comments about ROH either.

    Oh yeah, maybe his account was hacked.

  • CC

    Jason isnt a mark for one company … funniest thing I have heard in years.

    All this time I thought he was saying that TNA’s shit dont stink, and that WWE was shit … silly me.

  • Jason

    You know what? im tired of all you stupid marks. if bischoff and russo had listened to me wcw would have won the monday night wars. but dixie has promised me a big push and by the time i am done burying vince you fucking marks will have no choice but to watch tna and maybe youll finally learn something about wrestling. tna for the win!


    Jason has worked for PWA RWC CWE SWO UWI MCW SAW WAS SOW WOS ROH AAA TNA AND YES YES THE BIG BOYS WCW, when Jason will you finally be part of WWE? JASON you watch to much wrestling and u been so for to long! U need to stop living that dream u are in it’s not healthy ya Donkey.

  • Jason

    Ever heard of

  • ant

    @jason..god knows im not agreeing with narf ball,but how the hell do u watch all those promotions when some of them arent even on tv?thats what i wanna know

  • Jason

    Why you ask? Because I have ran the PWA, CWF, RCW and have worked for WCW and now TNA.

    Don’t act like there have not been posters on here with the name Jason.1 and Jason 1.0

    I just saw one post the other day. It’s weird

  • Mongo (totally not Jason)

    Sounds like Jason is getting desperate to be taken seriously after all this time being a jackass. Reap what you sow I suppose. So if you stop being a TNA mark and a liar about working for TNA people might take you more seriously.

  • Jason

    I never posted TNA for the win. At the moment a lot of posters are using my name for some reason.

    At least I watch all pro wrestling and I’m not a brand mark like you appear to be.

  • poko


    As much as I hate to agree with Narf, you’ve done your share of trolling in WWE threads. You’d have more credibility if not for that. Same is true with a lot of guys, of course. PLENTY of people on W-E as bad as Jason, except they get away with it because they’re WWE fanboys, and there are so many of them.

    The sad truth is that the WWE has been the face of wrestling for so long, after having killed or absorbed any major competitor, that many “wresling fans” really aren’t wrestling fans–they’re WWE fans who want any other promotion to fail if it ever goes beyond the indie stage, even if they won’t admit to it.

    Personally, I grew up when there were dozens of promotions around, and I LIKE when multiple organizations are successful. I think it’s great for the industry. Unfortunately, there are more haters than there are true fans, which is a damn shame.

  • Jason

    I watch both WWE and TNA. Hell I watch shimmer and ROH as well as AAA to boot. I bet I watch more wrestling then 90% of you guys.

  • Jason

    If any of you people on this site were wrestling fans you would watch both TNA and WWE and not act like marks for one brand.