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– Tyler Reks vs. JTG was taped for Thursday’s WWE Superstars before last night’s SmackDown tapings in Kansas City.

– Rey Mysterio is denying reports that he has asked for his WWE release. Mysterio wrote on Twitter: “Confirming!Did not ask 4 release! those that like me, u will have Rey 4 a good time&those that don’t, well life isn’t always sweet,619 out!”

– In addition to earning a spot on Season 6, it was revealed last night that the winner of this season’s WWE NXT will also get to “pick” his Pro for Season 6. However, he must pick from the current group of Pro’s: Yoshi Tatsu, Vladimir Kozlov, Hornswoggle, JTG, Chavo Guerrero and Tyson Kidd.

– NXT Rookie Titus O’Neil left last night’s show with 4 Redemption points, putting him in the lead. Darren Young has 3 points while the other Rookies have none.

  • Dale

    @anti cena, don’t be too hard on the kid. In all fairness, with the things he says, he’s probably mentally retarded…… But seriously, maybe he’s a litttle “uninformed” of the situation….. maybe he just acts like a gangster to look cool. I don’t know. @bill sucks, stop being like this, man. Speak your mind, but don’t cry when others speak theirs too. You want wrestling? Go on YouTube & search for ECW 1999. you change your mind about cena sooner than he can release a new set of rainbow merchandise!

  • ‘bill sucks’ sucks!

    @bill sucks, go fuck yourself you little dick! cena can probably give you a hand too! How about you both do it in your little race car bed, asshole! Sure , it may take a little fag like you awhile to “pleasure” the champ, but as cena always says…. never give up!

  • The Anti Cena

    You see CM punk and Wade Barret today, yet you always bitch about them? dont try and make me feel sorry for you cos it isnt going to work. i dont care if you come on here just dont comment if yo dont have a valid point. and BTW cenation ruulleezzz is not a valid point.

  • Bill

    @bill sucks. Take it easy with the Cena crap. You make a valid point, but don’t go crazy on everyone about your love for John Cena, okay? If you want to see good wrestling, watch this video.


  • bill sucks

    Hey, dude. I just root for da underdoggs, ya know? everybody hates Rey, they hate cena, they hate hardy, & they hate cole. I wanna learn about wwe more so I use this site…. I don’t no da guys like owen hart too much, but I started lookin him up on utube and hiz matches were preety cool. I only like cena & crap is becuze dat’s who i see today….. sorry I lik 2 hav fun on dis site

  • The Anti Cena

    CENA: no talent roid head
    Mysterio: Selfish injury prone hogan jr
    Hardy: no good drug addict
    Cole: always has been a fucking pecker since day 1

    Bill sucks : you either really are a 10 year old faggot or a guy spending his time typing bullshit about cena to annoy everyone.
    im sure i speak for everyone on W-E when i say FUCK OFF!

  • adam

    i am really hoping your 10 or you just like being a dumb ass.

  • bill sucks

    im telling! ur mean! cena, ray masteeryo, jef harddi, & cole-dogg will beat u down! ha ha! We da chaingange!

  • The Anti Cena

    ^ your either a 10 year kid who is yet to discover pubic hair or a the biggest fucking idiot in the history of forever!

  • bill sucks

    why a dog wrestle? cena rules!

  • In Grind We Crust

    of course that D-O double G got a huge pop. He was the fucking man.

  • bill sucks

    rey rulz. so doez cena! all you guys r stupid… chaingang!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/jonjon535353 Jon-Jon

    I hope these rumored releases don’t come. I don’t see why the WWE doesn’t push some of these guys to the mid-card, and really get their name out there as a singles competitor. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, heck, even Kofi Kingston got this treatment. Look how that’s worked out for them! Where’s the love for the rest of these guys? I watched a match recently on YouTube, and damn Road Dogg got a bigger reaction than the entire current WWE roster. ROAD DOGG!! No way in hell was he EVER gonna be WWF Champion. That just shows how over the entire roster was at that point!

  • Bill

    Speaking of NXT prizes, when do R-Truth & his rookie get a title shot?

  • Hunter

    It isn’t as much a prize for the rookie, but the ”pro”. Whoever the winner picks gets to keep their job- the rest get their future endeavors.

  • scooter

    you mean JTG an dyoshi tatsu won’t be released before the seasons over? LIEZ!!!!!

  • mark

    Do you really think he would ask for his release so close to Wrestlemania???

  • http://www.wrestling-edge,com Sam Peters

    So in other words they will either keep there pro they won with or it will be Hornswoggle going with them

  • The Great One

    Reword it from pick your pro to pick your jobber.

    NXT is just a waste of time now

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