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Problems with Batista’s MMA Debut, Goldberg Comments on Ryback

– Former WWE Champion Batista is scheduled to make his MMA debut next weekend but currently has no opponent. He was scheduled to face Rashid Evans (not the UFC star). Evans was apparently in jail but released when he got the opportunity to fight. Evans has since violated probation and is back in jail. He won’t be released in time for the fight.

Batista’s back-up opponent was Bruno McKee, a super heavyweight who trains at his gym in Florida. McKee would have also been making his pro debut but he has pulled out of the fight because he wasn’t ready. The promoters of the event say they have another opponent ready and should be making the announcement soon.

Speaking of the fight, here is a new promotional poster:

– A fan wrote on Twitter that WWE Superstar Ryback is “the new” Bill Goldberg. Goldberg replied:

“Not quite…..”

  • Keith Learmonth

    Heh, you know they don’t have much faith in the guy when even the promo pic they used is based on his look -years- ago. His forearms should be tattooed, as they have been since like, 2008.

  • JohnCena33

    Batista will lose, and then come back to WWE in time for WM30.

  • Justin sane

    …this is looking just like a kimbo slice kinda deal… Bautista is going to get knock the hell out

  • Eve’s left nipple

    @Wow Dusty Rhodes wouldn’t agree.


    If ryback goes 173-0 then ill be impressed

  • wow

    a common nobody by far dont see them options

  • Really

    Floyd Mayweather jail sentence was postponed so he could have a boxing match. I think its something to do with contractual agreements made prior to the offense. Plus its America

  • Buttercastle

    So people can be released from prison so they can go beat someone up? Makes sense.