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Punk Pulled from Live Events – Heat with Creative?, JBL Back, More

– JBL noted on Twitter that despite some major flight troubles, he will be returning to commentary on tonight’s WWE SmackDown taping from Cincinnati.

– CM Punk has been pulled from all live events until WrestleMania 29 for a number of reasons including him being physically banged up. People, including Punk, are still downplaying the arm injury that he suffered in the RAW match against Kane last week. WWE officials want him fresh and ready for the big match at WrestleMania 29.

Speaking of Punk, there were a lot of people not happy with his backstage segment at last night’s RAW where he juggled around Paul Bearer’s urn to taunt The Undertaker. The feeling was that it wasn’t as good as the Punk-Bearer-Taker stuff from the week before and that this one was bad for WWE and just bad in general. On a related note, it’s said there is some kind of issue between Punk and WWE creative right now but we don’t know what those problems might be.

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  • Nick

    I thought the segment was great. Even dropping the urn, purposely or not, added to it and advanced Punk’s heel character as a scumbag. People just take stuff way too seriously. I can also understand why Punk doesn’t wanna face Taker at Wrestlemania, considering it’s almost a guaranteed lost and the outcome is always predictable but he should still take it as an honor to face Taker at Wrestlemania. The Taker match at Mania is always one of the biggest matches each year at Mania and is always looked forward to be seen by everyone. Whether he loses or not, he will get a good rub from it.

  • So Punk Wont be at the Event in Salisbury, MD

  • Tracy Durham

    First off, It should be considered an honor for anyone to be in the ring with Taker at WM. If Punk cannot realize that then he should at least except the fact that stars such as Shawn Michaels, Triple H, And many others some of whom were a lot better than Punk have taken their turns at losing to taker at WM.

  • secret4mula

    Not saying that it’s less offensive. I don’t think you can really rank them anyway. Me personally, I wasn’t offended by any of them. I’m just saying that socking statements, actions, and scenarios made up the Attitude Era.

  • Scooter

    I don’t think he intended to drop it hence why you clearly heard him say “oh shit” when he did. Funnily enough it added to the segment.

  • D2K

    That not any less offensive of making fun of Jerry Lawler’s heart attack or William Moody’s death.

  • D2K

    If you gave me a week I couldn’t even begin to tell you all the reasons why that won’t happen. There is NO WAY Mark Calaway is going to job to Phillip Brooks. Happen-not-gonna. Brooks knows that he is just filler-fodder for the Undertaker which is why he publicly stated he wanted no parts of even being in this match. You can tell by his body language and lack of intensity that he doesn’t want to be in this match and that he already knows that he is gonna lose.

    It’s like last year with Cena. You could tell that he wasn’t really into the match because he knew he was gonna lose after they pulled the ole’ switcharoo on him at the last minute putting The Rock over.

    There is only one person on the roster that would ever have a realistic chance of ending the streak simply because he is a WWE man for life. That is John Cena. If the streak ever does end, it will be by him.

    Of course, Brock Lesnar would be the perfect guy to end the streak because he has what it takes to become the new phenom, but you cannot count on him being there like you can with Cena and did with Taker. Partially because of his heath and partially because of him not being a company guy. He does his job, but he has other priorities in his life now.

    Personally I think the decision was quietly made a while ago that the streak will never end.

  • Tokeman

    I thought his mockery of the urn and dropping it was great. You could hear all the gasps in the live audience. Those backstage folks, whomever they may be, are so out of touch.

  • If there IS any “issue”, perhaps it’s that he was champion and carried the company for over a year, and now he has to have a relatively pointless match with a bald, out of shape Taker (I love the guy but he should have retired), meanwhile he gets to watch Cena and Rock main event WM, AGAIN. Remember when he said in an interview last year I think it was, that he wasn’t attracted to the idea of wrestling Taker at WM? Well…….

  • d_pooch

    I have a feeling Punk is going to end the streak. I think that makes the most sense for both Punk and Taker. The passing of the torch might take place if Taker is as bad as everyone says. Then Punk will get the bragging rights.

  • secret4mula

    You wanted the Attitude Era, right? If you do, you might be offended once in a while. Anybody remember Katie Vick?

  • Scooter

    It was a great promo but the whole angle is disgusting.

  • D2K

    The segment wasn’t any worse than that promo Cena cut a few weeks ago. Punk has a reason to be salty. They took the belt from him for no good reason, and they put him in the most ridiculous circumstance possible with Undertaker knowing full well he is gonna lose (for the THIRD TIME by the way.)

    They haven’t given him any decent material lately. But, in standard WWE fashion they make breathtaking mistakes and when things go wrong they not only stand around and look like idiots asking “what’s wrong?” but have the nerve to blame people whom actually are the victims of their stupidity.

  • Irishrhyno

    WHAT?! That segment was great