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Questions Raised Over Brock Lesnar’s Shape, WWE Stock Hits 52-Week Low

Pro Wrestling Torch editor Wade Keller says he has talked to wrestlers who are already judging Brock Lesnar’s physical condition (based on his appearance on last week’s Raw SuperShow). He appeared doughy in his return and many feel his wrestling performances will be affected if he does not get into better shape. Questions are being raised over his desire to get in excellent shape at this point in his life and perform at a high level.

— WWE’s stock price struck a new 52-week low Monday morning at $8.12 per share. The stock is trading at $8.20 per share as of Monday afternoon.

WWE’s stock price hit the 52-week low mark twice last week, hitting $8.55 on Wednesday and $8.27 on Thursday.

— Jim Ross stated on Twitter Monday that he’s writing an article for on his various broadcast partners over the years, including those outside of WWE.

— CM Punk and Mark Henry are pictured on the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

  • reverse prince albert

    Brick lesnar is a fucking NCAA Champion, if you’re going to talk shit bout brock dont be a pussy name yourself, dont fucking hide, brock is a fucking good wrestler.

  • Satan

    He looked pudgy the entire time he was in the UFC because of the testing done he wasn’t able to roid anymore he still has the mass but he’s not as defined as he once was i really doubt he’ll ever get back to that form again but he’s still pretty huge Cena is more muscular than Lesnar now.

  • D2K

    He probably hasn’t trained a whole lot since his loss to Overeem. I wouldn’t expect him to be as jacked as he was when he left. He’ll get in better shape as the year goes on. With his limited schedule he has more time to train.

  • Whocares

    Good point Chris. I hope he can be similar to his old self though. I was so impressed e way he would jump on the the apron instead of walking up the stairs. Not many people can do that

  • Chris

    Like most people once they leave WWE, they get off the roids. With his recent health issues, maybe he doesn’t want to juice up anymore for wrestling.

  • peep this

    Yeah if you compare him to what he looked like previous in the wwe. That guy may not be chiseled like before, but come on, he lost the muscle mass to be a more agile fighter in the UFC. Id like to see these so call wrestlers who spoke out. The guy picked cena up like a rag doll. Watch it on replay there was no effort. The guy is mad quick.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Lesnar didn’t look amazing vs Overeem, Which was around 4 months back. Im guessing he hasn’t been working out the same as he did when training for UFC so don’t expect to see the Lesnar from 10 years ago people.

  • Ant

    i find it funny that people are judging brock lesnars appearence already when he has yet to take his shirt off on tv yet u never know he might be somewhat ripped not like the old days but still in good shape

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I hope he gets into great shape for his first match back (I am expecting him to face Cena at Summerslam).

  • moo

    he didn’t seem to have the same kick in his step. but yeh he is older now, though then again the Rocks older and he looks amazing.

  • ManBearPig

    The fucking guy threw Cena like a foot over his head. Yeah, what a weak fat piece of garbage!

  • Dave

    Sorry to break it to you. But Brock was about 280 lbs legit during his last spell with WWE. But they billed him at 295 to make him sound more impressive. He used to have to cut about 15 lbs to make the 265 Heavyweight limit in UFC. I’m sure he will get back into shape. But that being said, he definitely didn’t look quite in peak condition last Monday.

  • BigSexy

    at least he doesnt need to cut weight like in the ufc to make 265 he can bulk up to his proper weight

  • Greatest One

    Robinson, Brock was 300+ in wwe, he lost tons of weight since joining UFC, #onelongcycle

  • Jefferson D’Arcy


    Really, because I was watching the SummerSlam 2002 DVD last night, and the Brock vs Rock match, Brock was billed at around 290.

  • whocares

    I thought he looked a little softer too. But still nobody that I want want to piss off. He’s also a lot oder now than he was. It gets harder to stay so lean.

  • Robinson

    He did gain 20lbs in the ufc BC he was at 245 when he used to be in wwe

  • shawn

    WWE hired the man “wrestlers”, what did he make you go limp with his man-boobs? hes there to paste you on the mat. damn.

  • Beaver Cleavage

    Yeah, everyone’s judging Brock yet fat “Funkasaurus” is the hottest thing in WWE right now…

  • heyfit

    and yea brock wont be like he was with this wellness policy in place

  • heyfit

    lol all the fat or people with worse bodies judging brock lol wow, at least he aint a fatt ass keyboard warrior

  • 1919dpg

    he shouldn’t be expected to get ripped like he was back in the day but definatly needs and improvment.

  • 1919dpg

    i thought the same thing when he came out. he looks really flabby.

  • Helen

    Brock Lesnar did look a little podgy last Monday. But it’s exciting times that Lesnar has returned and I for one can’t wait for his in ring return. These critics and editors just need to wait and relax instead of making assumptions.