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Randy Orton Comments on His Concussion, Update on His PPV Status & More

– Amy sent word that WWE’s “D-Generation X: One Last Stand” DVD is now available on Netflix.

– World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton wrote the following on Twitter when a fan commented about him not having a match on RAW:

“because I was knocked out in Spain. U can’t wrestle, or should i say, perform, the day after a concussion.”

As noted before, Orton has legitimately suffered a concussion. The latest word on his status for Sunday’s Capitol Punishment pay-per-view is that it will be a “day of game” decision but WWE is hopeful that Orton will be able to wrestle in the match against Christian.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • edo.risk

    I can understand that Orton is not a bad wresler, but his been booked very much like Cena and that makes him BAD! In fact, (althoug i think he has some talent) the only thing he does are the doom moves and nothing more, wrorse that just like Cena he does them in the same order. (Lets not even talk of the near to mute caracter he has)

    Christian on the other hand is quite entertaing. Clever in all his remarks, very athetic and fluid in his moves and his matches are all diferent and exiting. Remember that Christian has had the greatest match of the last 2 PPV. And Orton has had good matches only with Christian. I mean this guy was fueding with the Best Today (PUNK) and did not had an OMG Match. Defenetlly Christian should be the champion, that said, WWE will probably stay with ORTON and if given somedy else the oportunnity it will be to Sheamus, who’s doble title run is near to the worst in history. U know WWE they’re gona keep trying insted of aknolwging they made a mistake!

  • ICE

    sheamus should be given the title so their ratings can go down some more


    haha i love the cheap shot orton takes at wwe, seems like all the wrestlers other than cena can see that wwe sucks these days

  • The Killswitch

    Oh, I get it. Because I back Christian, that means I also wear his shirts. Wrong…

  • really!!

    Christian should be given the title not just because he deserves it but Orton should not be wrestling this close to having a concussion. Sheamus should chase after the belt

  • JIR

    Hope Orton is okay concussions are nasty but Christian needs at least a 3 month tittle run as a heel

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Screw Christian, if Orton can’t compete give it to Sheamus, let him have a proper run unlike last time where he ran crying for Cena when Nexus confronted him. The guy is a beast and is improving, pulling out new moves while Christian has been doing the same crap for years.

  • adam tarasievich

    I think if orton can’t compete they will do something were say christian jumped him in the back before the show then have christian vs someone for tie title christian will win the once orton is heeled prolly on a smackdown he will get the title back and chrisitan will have another 3 day title reign.

  • Greatness

    I bet Killswitch is wearing that new “Hit the Switch” t-shirt Christian has. That thing is awful.

    Orton is a good and credible champion because of the crowd reaction, they love the Viper. Christian has been jobbed out the past few months and has some good matches with Orton, he is still gaining credibility.

  • Valo487

    I really hope he has to drop the belt to Christian, even if Christian doesn’t live up to some of your definitions of championship material, I’d rather see him get a shot then have Smackdown become the Orton show to counter the Cena show on Mondays. Saw enough of that the last few years.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Watch it Greatness, the Christian smarks are mad that you don’t think the same way as them. Should just start calling them Nazis. Although either way after the ppv we get a boring champ, Randy Orton or Captain “Charisma” What a joke.

  • jimbo jones

    christian as a heel champion > christian as a face champion. I would’ve just wanted to see edge and christian in a feud over the title, with christian as a heel of course.

  • The Killswitch

    @Greatness-It’s ignorant twats like you who caused this whole “don’t give Christian the title” bullshit. He’s Captain fucking Charisma for a reason. No one complained when he was champ in TNA, no one complained when he was champ in the dreaded reincarnation of ECW. But suddenly this is brought to everyone’s attention, and you say he’s going to turn SD into a snoozefest?

    Are you on crack?

  • Sean

    Vince still won’t give the title to Christian. He’d find a way to give it to Sheaumus. I am surprised it didnt become a triple threat match.

  • Adrian

    I second what Effmenow said. Really WWE, You give losers like Sheamus and the Kurt Angle wannabe a title run, But god forbid Christian has a good run. Really?

  • jimbo jones

    i can see a con-chairto for the ppv.

  • Greatness

    Orton shouldn’t hand the belt over. WWE should let him keep the belt or Smackdown will become a snoozefest with Christian as champion.

  • Elizabeth

    They better not make him hand it over to Christian.That would suck.

  • The Killswitch

    Nice catch, Orton..haha. Don’t be dropping W-bombs here.

    But seriously, let’s hope he’s alright.

  • Effmenow

    Give Christian the title and let him have a decent run. I mean for fuck sake you gave guys like Sheamus, Swagger, and Miz a chance.