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Randy Orton Injury Update, Internal Discussion on WWE Stock, Slater/Gabriel

– The drop in WWE stock lately has been a major topic of discussion within WWE. Some expect that there will be lots of cost-cutting coming soon but at the same time, WWE will continue their normal work load, even adding more work, just doing it with less employees.

– The tag team of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater will debut new theme music on this Friday’s SmackDown now that The Corre is no more.

– Randy Orton suffered a legitimate concussion at a WWE live event in Madrid, Spain this past Sunday, which is where WWE got the then-apparent angle on Monday night. They are still working with the idea that Orton will perform at Sunday’s Capitol Punishment pay-per-view.

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  • cam

    hornswage will prob win the world title if orton gets hurt for half ayear or something

  • ICE

    they did change, they’re going to fire people and make their current loyal employees work twice as much for no pay raise =/


    so viewers are dropping, rating are dropping, stock is dropping, and yet they still dont fucking change

  • Jimbo

    Orton will still win I’m sure. Then he’ll get to be champ and only wrestle once a month at each PPV to defend his title.

  • Tristan

    Christian wins with a dropkick to the shins!

  • Peter

    That’s funny, I’m sure that the roster cuts were supposed to be after the Royal Rumble, according to wrestling websites. And then after Wrestlemania. And then after the draft. Still, keep making uninformed guesses and posting it as news and one day your prediction will be correct.