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— The February 2012 issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with Randy Orton and he is asked if his career is lacking anything. He says promos.

“I can cut a better promo. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a guy who goes out there like John Cena and get away with telling jokes and then bring it back around to being serious. I honestly don’t know if I have that much range. It’s not me, but that’s not a problem,” he says.

“I definitely could be better on the stick, though. Is it affecting me in a negative way? I don’t think so. Other than Cena, there’s no one on the roster who’s been champ as many times as I have.”

— Jim Ross stated Sunday on Twitter that he is scouting prospective talent at today’s amateur wrestling meet between the University of Oklahoma and Lehigh University.

— WrestlingFigs.com says Bryan Clark has been added to Legends of Wrestling 14, which takes place Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Monroe, New Jersey.

  • No1coleminer

    “IIIINNNNNDDDEEEEDDDD” i agree with you re his jokes, but again its the writers i hate to say it but “dont hate the player, hate the game” (and omg no i dont mean hate HHH, just to stop any abuse i may get for using a pop culture quote, being misconstrued by IWC *sarcasm*)

  • kitkrock

    Randy Boreton needs to get hit by a train.

  • Sammo

    Get a fucking grip, coleminer … Show me where I said I hate Cena?! I don’t hate Cena at all. I was pointing out that the “jokes” in his promos are fucking terrible. Because they are. And if you disagree with that, then you’re beyond retarded.

  • TJC752

    Orton just need a new gimick, this Viper crap has lasted lonh enough. As for promos, remember back when he was The Legend Killer? He could cut a great promo back then.

  • No1coleminer

    when ohhh when will these fucking retards undertand that it is NOT cenas fault, he is doing a JOB ffs. how many of you who work in boring dead end jobs can or have the balls to tell your boss “actually i dont want to do what you say, i want to do this, that and everything but” none! atleast cena is earning great money for 5 moves of doom and doing his job, jealousy is an evil trait my friends.

    i dont know why these retards still watch the product, only to bitch and whine about it, you dont like? dont fucking watch it! VKM has been loosing viewing figures and revenue for years now and is the show still running?? umm yes! but then again, what else would people have to moan about if not wwe, i mean damn its like what raw is 90minute show once a week, do you people have seriously not that much to do that it effects your lives that much?

    feed me your hate so i can rise above :) lolz…just lolz

  • Billy Zane

    Of course someone with the name “Coleminer” would think that.

    Cena’s promos are horrible, & even his “rap” was lackluster compared to his old ones.

  • No1coleminer

    quick quick, all aboard, everyone this way to jump on the “lets all hate on cena band wagon” quickly move now…

    fuckin parasites and fickle hypocrites

  • Whatever

    cena can shoot an epic promo time after time. (like that rap against the rock)
    cena needs his old gimmick back or at least something like it.

  • Sammo

    “I don’t know if I’ll ever be a guy who goes out there like John Cena and get away with telling jokes and then bring it back around to being serious.”

    Orton thinks Cena gets away with that?!? I think that Cena’s “jokes” are one of the main reasons his promos are often booed so heavily.

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