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More on Randy Orton’s WWE Future Being In Jeopardy, RAW Stars Working SmackDown Events

– Reports came out from SuperLuchas on Monday that Randy Orton’s WWE future was up in the air after meeting with Vince McMahon, Triple H and Kevin Dunn at WWE headquarters on Friday. The report stated that the meeting’s atmosphere was “hostile” and it was determined a further decision concerning Orton awaits. SuperLuchas says that several WWE officials were lobbying for Orton’s termination as a cost-cutting measure.

PWInsider now reports that WWE officials indeed met with Orton over the weekend and there is definitely talk about not bringing him back as soon as his suspension is over. Their report doesn’t mention Orton being terminated but the idea would be to make Orton “sit it out and stew” once the suspension is over.

We noted earlier that one change coming out of the Orton suspension is WWE may start announcing which banned substances talents test positive for. One temporary change we will see is a lot of the RAW Superstars working SmackDown tours this summer while Orton is away. Rey Mysterio will be returning in a few weeks to add some depth to SmackDown but expect to see guys like Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Zack Ryder work a lot of the upcoming SmackDown live events. John Cena and CM Punk have already been booked for upcoming SmackDown tapings.

Source: PWInsider

  • Mongo

    @Sam Theere is a kind of loophole where if Randy was Terminated he could be hired back after he goes to rehabfor I believe a year, then oncehired back he is on a year probation meaning any strike will cause hime to be terminated, then if after a year is over with no marks against him then the slate is wiped clean. At least that is my understanding after reading an article a few months ago on here.

  • chronoxiong

    TNA would like to welcome……Randy Orton to their roster.

  • rko

    Orton will ask for his release and go to TNA and become TNA’s face.WWE will regret it.

  • adam

    Where do u get your info? I haven’t been lifting my entire life, I actually have only been seriously lifting for a little over a year, and i bench press 350, leg press 1800 lbs, and squat 1000 lbs. Oh, and i have never once touched roids

  • ant

    @robert hell yeah they would be

  • robert

    wow if wwe fires orton they are sttttuuuuupppiiiiddddd

  • ant

    thats taking money out of mcmahon pocket to release him and im sure vince dosent want that

  • Hunter

    I doubt it would be cost cutting as I’m sure between his merchandise and smack down house shows ticket sales alone, he will be making the company more. Yawn- a non story.

  • King Albert

    lmfao you assclowns would believe anything, what kind of source is supergreasymexicano?

  • jeff

    He should get released. This whole world relies on steroids it should be done the right way hard work lifting weights.. the average human can lift 250lbs anything over your using roids, unless you lift your entire life

  • ant

    i disagree cuz his old promos kind of have that same robotic voice feel to them too its just people really didnt care cuz he was the legend killer but now that hes a face everyone complains like its ridiculous the mans voice has sounded the same for as long as i remember

  • Bawb

    @ ant

    Ah I see your point, but I think his voice is “robotic” because he tries too hard to be serious and intense. People try too hard during promos this day and age.

  • ant

    obviously noone cares about ortons voice cuz he can still cut a promo and hes very intense when hes cutting promos like i could see if u people were talking about john morrison who cant cut a promo to save his life but orton actually CAN cut a decent promo its just his voice is kind of robotic but thats not really his fault thats just his voice he sounds the same when hes doing an interview or radio show

  • Bawb

    There could be a lot of added reasons for his departure. For example, Orton’s been there for about 10 years and his character has been the same monotonous type for about 90% of the run; creative might just having nothing for him. You’re looking at this suspension, his track record (isn’t the greatest), Creative coming up empty, etc. Plus, for him to get suspended at this point in his career, it’s like – wtf?

    Both parties may look at a change a scenery being best with the door open in the future for a return.

  • Graham

    orton in TNA? wont ever happen.

  • sam

    would WWE really fire such a massive draw in Orton im not so sure, but isnt there some loophole that they can fire him and then re-hire him and he goes back to having no company violations to his name?? plus could TNA even afford his wages if he did get let go

  • dick cockwrinkle

    Sometimes I look at them reporting the violations and think: if I had a disagreement(or broke a rule they had) with my boss and they then posted it all over the internet I would be pissed! Sure naming and shaming is a possible deterrent but also a hindrance if they then leave the company and try to work for some other promotion. I got no problem with the drug testing after the problems in the past I just dont agree with publicizing it.

  • TheSheepDog

    at least all those wrestlers bitching about rocky’s return stealing their spot, can finally put up or shut up. Now is the time for wrestlers as a whole to step up, Orton was going nowhere fast, his personality and charisma would make paint dry watching him. I am not a Orton hater, but to me his monotone voice only suits heel, much prefer legend killer gimmick esq, where he at least had something on the mic.

  • xXx

    this is supposed to be an opening for christian

  • Buttercastle

    Yeah but of all those names, only one of them is a face on Smackdown. Not like it matters since everyone on Smackdown shows up on Raw anyways.

  • mabry

    Maybe it would be good to keep Orton out for some time. Maybe he can rest a bit and than come back with a clearer mind. On the other hand, this is the opportunity for other guys to get more tv time. Kofi, Rhodes, R-Thruth…. Tyson Kid and McIntyre, Brodus, i dont know, new talent or talent that hasnt been seen as of late all that much, or that could now have a spot to move on the rooster, such as Rhodes and finally McIntyre…

  • 1919dpg

    there’s much better wrestlers and characters in wwe atm. ortons absence wouldn’t be a problem

    punk, bryan, sheamus, del rio, ziggler, rhodes.. all have more personality than randy and much better wrestlers aswell.

  • 1919dpg

    Orton has nothing to offer atm.. he’s a good wrestler but a black hole when it comes to personality.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Keep him, but no higher than the mid-card.

  • DJK

    If they terminate him TNA would scoop him up so fast!

  • SYM

    I hope the WWE keeps Orton for their Sake.