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Randy Savage Requests That His Theme Music Not Be Played At His Funeral

The body of the late Randy Savage was cremated Tuesday and his ashes were spread at the base of a tree at his Largo, Florida home, reports In compliance with his final request, the family did not play his trademark wrestling theme music during the ceremony.

According to Randy’s brother Lanny Poffo, the wrestling legend adamantly requested that in his funeral plans, his theme music, Pomp and Circumstance, was not to be played while he was laid to rest.

TMZ reports that in recent years, Savage felt “extremely guilty” about using the song because it was initially used by his idol, wrestling legend Gorgeous George. He felt like he stole George’s thunder.

Poffo says Randy’s closest friends and family members will meet again in Florida Thursday to continue to mourn and honor his memory.

  • Thomas

    Randy through the years that I watched you on TV you were the one who I watched you are the man, you are the KING OF THE RING and you will alway be my hero REST IN PEACE

  • Dave

    Enjoy your rest Sir. For all the years of pleasure brought to millions. You’ve earned it.
    Requiescat Im Pace.

  • Logan


  • misfit del rio

    Class act all the way