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Rating For Last Night’s Impact, Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy Headline, Reby Sky

— The February 10 episode of TNA iMPACT! scored a 1.20 cable rating, down from 1.31 the week before and 1.28 on January 27.

Overall viewership was also down, from 1.95 million viewers to 1.70.

The show drew hours of 1.22 and 1.18.

— TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy headline tonight’s TNA Wrestling live event at the First Arena in Elmira, New York. Also advertised is a TNA World Tag Team Championship Match between Beer Money, Inc. and Ink, Inc, Brother Devon vs. Bully Ray in a Tables Match, and Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship.

— Glamour model and entertainment personality Reby Sky attended the February 1 TNA iMPACT! taping, which aired last night on Spike. She could be spotted in the front row.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • slim

    I said i haven’t watched an ENTIRE episode Thomas.

  • Nes

    The problem with TNA is this.. when you have a wrestler as charismatic as Jeff Hardy or RVD what do you do you with them??? Exposure… When you have a great roster like TNA, what do you do?? have a great story line maybe… and that’s is what TNA is lacking right now.. TNA really had something with Inmortal and Fortune. I was happy in the begging and then they trash the story… Right now Jeff is a Raven wanna be and RVD is in the midcard.How the he@#ll TNA do something like that.. I only hope they do something good with Hernandez.. I’m not saying that the WWE is great thing or anything else and the PG era really sucks, but at least I they are better in some story lines… How WCW beat WWE in the 90.. with great roster and a good story line like NWO, but like WCW, TNA trash the story… I had some hope with THEY.. let see what happen.

  • TomC

    If you haven’t watched, then WHY do you think you have the wherewithal to even comment with any semblance of substantive credibility in the first place?

    Unless you’re just one of those typical internet drive-by smartasses.

  • slim

    Seeing as i haven’t watched an entire episode of raw or smackdown or any WWE ppv in years, you’re right, i’ve been brainwashed by my “Daddy Vince”lol

  • TomC

    EXACTLY, Adam . . . MOST who bash TNA and have nothing but glowing critique for WWE don’t have the first clue about what they’re talking about.

    And what the intellectually naive, such as “slim” above fail to grasp is that NEITHER promotion is perfect. It took YEARS for the various incarnations of the WWE to become what it has – just as it did WCW. TNA is no “powerhouse,” but it’s doing fairly well and will continue to do so. “Slim” is likely 15 yrs old and has no grasp whatsoever of the history of professional wrestling over the last two decades and/or the personalities that carried it through. No, he only knows what has been shoved down his throat by the monopolistic WWE over the last decade.

    Keep sucking on your little WWE lollipop, “slim” – because that’s exactly what Daddy Vince has brainwashed you to do.

  • Adam

    The problem is that not enough watch TNA – especially the people who hate TNA so much, and anybody who leaves their precious WWE for TNA (Jeff Hardy went from being loved by everyone to being hated & called “Meth Hardy” in one afternoon last year.)
    I enjoy both TNA & WWE, and I am totally sick of seeing someone bash either company, but don’t even know what they are talking about.

  • Nes

    Like Raven use to said back then in WCW…. What about me??? what about Raven?? ……. Well What about TNA??? simple it suck more than the WWE right now.

  • Nes

    Ok.. I’m with Nicholas. I watch both shows and WWE is way better than TNA. The WWE PG era really suck’s, but what is TNA doing?? They have a great roster and they are not using them in a great way. I really hate the angle of Kurt and Jarret and for me Jeff Hardy is a Raven wanna be in his prime, he even talk the same way Raven did years ago in WCW. They have RVD and now he is in the midcard. Hell Kurt Angle one of the best wrestler in our time and he is in a lame angle with Jarret. I’m not saying the WWE is great, but at least they are pushing hard for the young wrestlers, CM Punk sucks as a good wrestler but he rocks as a heel and the list go. I has been a wrestling fan for over 28 years, for me it all start in WrestleMania 3, I was a little punk back then and Hogan was star, now Cena is the Hulk Hogan of this era for the young kids. I hate Cena, but at least he is trying. TNA did have something good when they bring Jeff and RVD to the table, but they did a lame job in the story. Sorry Jeff Hardy fans, but he don’t bring the same energy he had in the WWE to TNA and I was a Jeff Hardy fan in the WWE.

  • slim

    I’m sure if the poll was in TNAs favour, you’d be bragging it up as proof their growing. Face it Thomas, nobody cares. Sit in your rocker and watch all the TNA you like. You and the other two people on here that actually watch TNA.

  • TomC

    Did I call it or did I call it – as pathetically predictable as ever.

    Oh, and slim . . . anyone with an ounce of intelligence understands the skew of that “poll” is based in “smart-assery” and not any semblance of actual statistical foundation.

  • Chris E.

    Show wasn’t bad. I don’t watch the girls, but everything else seemed okay. I like the Angle vs. Jarrett storyline. Good to see Hernandes back. Anderson needs to hit the juice. He doesn’t need to go Rob Terry but right now he looks like a jobber, and not World Champ.

  • Zach

    It was a bad show. Get over it WWE marks. Where were you at when Raw was getting 2.6s? STFU You have no idea how hard it is to have success with a wrestling promotion nowadays.

    IMO, the show wasn’t as good as it has been the past few weeks. The rating deserved to drop. Now please, go back and enjoy your PBS style WWE programming. The TNA section is off limits for you.


    I mean tna is not tht bad overall there jus lik wwe in a way all u see is the same matchups i mean mr anderson vs jeff got played out the 2nd time i mean give aj anothter push or somethin same goes for wwe all tht unsed talent i mean get booker back in the ring im only 16 and know a little about politics in wrestling

  • Nicholas G

    @Adam I listen to your rant an agree with you 100%. I is funny Tom C you are saying don’t like TNA don’t watch it. Because that is what I been doing for a while now. An you know what that is not a good thing for TNA it a bad thing very very bad. Why because if nobody cares about TNA right now how in the world is TNA going to last.

    I mean even though WWE is having there problem the thing is people still care more about the WWE at this point then TNA. To me I am not worry so much about the rating and the PPV buy rates in the WWE. Why because we all know that sooner or later WWE going to find that next break out star. An the fact they are trying so hard to put more and more young talent over gives me hope for the WWE. Yeah like I said it is not perfect but still to me better to watch WWE right now then TNA. Not saying WWE is better just saying really what is there to watch in TNA right now not much. What is there to watch in WWE right now lets see a fresh new WWE champion. Yeah internet fans may not be crazy about the Miz but me I see big things in the Miz future. An on Smackdown Del Rio seems to be growing by the day and Ziggler another guy getting a big push. There really is some bright spot in WWE future to me it is only a matter of time. But TNA not so much an they got a dam good roster but got the wrong people in charge. Just imagine if TNA was pushing there young guys going up against WWE right now oh but it is only a pipe dream.

  • @JK Thunder Haven’t watched it since Bound for Glory. Thank you. Did any of you click on my name yet?

  • CC

    @JK Thunder. Going on those viewing figures, there is an awful lot of people taking your advice … ha ha ha

  • slim

    Judging by the poll on here, nobody watches TNA.

  • slim

    TomC i thought TNA was improving since ratings were up last week. LOL I think you care more about TNA “haters” than you do about TNA itself.

  • JK Thunder

    Good call, Tom. For the rest of you Negative Nancys: If you don’t like it…don’t watch it. Novel concept.

  • @Nicholas G I totally agree with you. Click on my name. On the blank where you put up a website, I put in a YouTube video of a guy talking about TNA’s problems and what could be done to actually fix them. Hope that video brings things up to light.

  • Nicholas G

    You know whats so funny how the TNA marks turn is to such hypocrites when rating drop for them. They start saying how the haters will start hating TNA ripping it for not pushing young talent. Yet TNA will turn around start bash WWE. I say if you can’t take the heat don’t play with the fire. Look I really don’t watch TNA an not because I hate it oh no, no, no. I would love to see TNA give WWE a fight. It would be great for wrestling as a whole. I would love it to be Monday night wrestling war all over again. I am a wrestling fan. I love both the WWE and WCW during the wrestling war nothing was better. But there is just nothing happening for TNA right now that get me interest in watching it. I like the WWE right now because even though the ratings and viewership . But the fact that the young talent are being use in the WWE is what I am liking by the WWE. TNA just pushing the same old talent that WWE was pushing in the WWE. That is the problem in TNA.

    I mean Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy come on what is so great about that. What young guy is getting push in TNA right now that said TNA is pushing young talent. All I am seeing is the same old guys from the WWE getting push. The problem is Hogan and Eric don’t really know how to use the young talent never have an never will. I mean look how the both of them ran WCW in to the ground. Right now I just see the same old crap Hogan and Eric was doing in WCW. Just worrying more about the ratings and the buy rate then about doing to right thing for TNA. That is push the young guys let them be the one holding the TNA world title. Yeah you can have your Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy feud just put the title on somebody different. The thing is like I said Eric and Hogan really don’t know what they are doing. An Dixie Carter I wonder when she going to put down the Hogan kool aid.

  • david said so

    i saw tna 4 1st time in my life this shit sucks omg tazz sucks its fucked up the angle story line come back kurt there best wrestler cant beat yoshi tatsu fuckin tna sucks dick

  • TomC

    And the predictable TNA-hating crowd is expected to chime in in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …