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RAW Breakdown: Vince-HHH-Cena Angle Draws, Title Tournament Matches, More

– The July 18th post-Money in the Bank WWE RAW did a 3.23 cable rating with 4.86 million viewers, as noted before. Here’s the segment-by-segment breakdown.

The opener with Vince McMahon did a 3.32 quarter rating. WWE Title tournament matches with The Miz vs. Alex Riley and Jack Swagger vs. R-Truth lost 370,000 viewers.

Alberto Del Rio’s promo with Ricardo Rodriguez returning lost 135,000 but Del Rio’s match with Kofi Kingston gained 367,000 back. Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler and the 7 on 7 Divas match gained 33,000 viewers, which is a low gain for the 10pm time slot.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston in the semi-finals lost 311,000 viewers while the Truth vs. Mysterio semi-final match gained 269,000 back. The RAW overrun this week with Vince McMahon, John Cena and Triple H went 14 minutes long – gained 1,063,000 viewers and doing a 3.94 rating, which would be considered a big success.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • tyler

    The storyline is ok. But HHH is the worst actor and the line of “I love you pa” was just so cheesy. What should have happened was Vince your fired and then he Pedigrees him straight to hell. They really messed this up. The only reason Old school wrestling fans would ever come back would be if Vince bought TNA and did an invasion storyline again. Cena should have been fired and went to TNA/Vince buys it and does an invasion where Cena is the heel that way the Rock can be the face character at wrestlemania

  • Whatever

    @ white mark, as HHH said no Cena did not get fired and wont be getting fired

  • White mark

    Whats happening with Cena?. Is he not gonna get fired?

  • Nicholas

    It just goes to show you that HHH is still one of the top draw in the WWE. An we didn’t even expect to see HHH return. But now we know that HHH is going to be on Raw next week. Plus what is next to come. It seems like WWE is turning the corner a little bit on how it is deal with the wrestling world. It is like HHH and Steph may have a differnet apporch in dealing with the wrestling business then Vince has had. Yes I know Vince is still in charge. But we all know that HHH and Steph is having a lot more say on what is happing in the WWE lately.

  • d

    @ k roy i thought he might show up kind of like the comic con in the crowd with the wwe title

  • K Roy

    @venom i agree it was a great show
    @susyrko anyone expecting to see punk doesnt grasp the intent of the storyline right now. why would he ever show up if they are trying to make it appear that he really is not with the wwe anymore? he will show up eventually but making him dissapear for a bit with the title adds to the angle. if you expected to see him then sadly you are missing out on the point of the angle

  • SusyRko

    Everybody turned in the last minutes expecting to see punk

  • Kyle

    aha compaired that the divas match was what 30 seconds long?

  • venom

    I thought Kofi vs Miz was good. Overall, I think that was a great show on Monday. With these storylines, I actually am looking forward to Raw next week.