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– WWE has released Hornswoggle’s very own DX t-shirt for sale on their shop website. Speaking of DX and Hornswoggle, no word yet on why the little people’s segment didn’t air this week but it looks to be scrapped altogether.

– Jack Swagger vs. MVP was taped for this week’s WWE Superstars before RAW tonight.

– The dark match before tonight’s RAW in Dallas saw Chris Masters defeat Alex Riley with the Masterlock. Riley, wearing a letterman’s jacket, cut a promo before the match about how he beat people up in high school and now does it for money in WWE.

  • Kevin

    This is why I stopped watching WWE altogether. Everytime they decided to go with angle to be aired on tv what does vince “a-hole” mcmahon do. He pulls it completely. Doesn’t he realize how much time he waste for the wrestler’s to film the segment. I mean hes taking money out of their pocket as well. And he’s also screwing up the storylines as well. Here’s an idea Vince McMahon make up your f***** mind. This is why your losing viewers in the ratings. Cause people tune in to see where the storyline angle is gonna go next. You don’t soap opera’s pulling storylines just because they don’t like the way it came out or how it went. This is also why TNA will kick WWE RAW’s a** on January 4th. And another reason why TNA will be better is because dixie carter isn’t afraid to try and do something different. And another reason why TNA is so good is because everyone gets a chance to be on tv. When was the last time you watched WWE RAW, ECW, Smackdown! or Superstars and everyone got used. Um that would be never. Cause wwe creative is full of crap now. Get off the f***** pg crap and get back to the way the wwe use to be. And then maybe I might watch wwe again. So until that happens I will never ever watch wwe ppvs, tv shows or purchase anything wee ever again.

  • Mike

    Alex Riley’s promo sounds strangely like Burchill’s promo from 2005 the week after his first appearance.

    But on a serious note, Hornswoggle makes me chuckle, but I can’t wait ’till he gets no more airtime.

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