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Changes Made at RAW, Piper Shares His Thoughts on MMA

– released the following video of WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper talking about the problems he sees with MMA.

– WWE nixed some parts out of last night’s RAW to save time but ended up with too much time as the Lumberjack Match went on before they originally planned for it to. Apparently backstage segments, ring entrances, a 3MB segment and a Tensai match were edited off.

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  • Rocky sucks

    Mma sucks you haters suck ok u fuckin pieces of shit can do no better u lane trashy humans on this site need to be slapped in the face

  • barry horowitz

    Hey paul if you had a brain you’d know MMA hasnt been doing so well lately ratings wise and PPV-wise…and piper wasnt insulting he was merely pointing out things that are true.

  • Bill

    Raw wasn’t that bad. The Cena/AJ/GM program is pretty interesting, Team Hell No always delivers, Punk vs, Ryback is actually really cool, & 3MB is pretty hilarious. Plus, JR’s on commentary & Paul Heyman’s promos are always good. WWE has the right ingredients, they just need a good recipe.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    Problems with MMA!? Why not concentrate on the problems with wrestling right now? Seems like just another shot at MMA. What’s the matter? Can’t accept that MMA is more popular than wrestling?


    so they add a extra hour of programming and still cant come up with a descent amount of time for everyone? shame.

  • Richard

    yes Mark and we are entitled to our opinion and our opinion is that you’re opinion sucks.

  • Mark

    to Mike im entitled to my opinion like anyone else. so shut up

  • CM Mark

    +1 for no Tensai.

  • One

    Any RAW where I don’t have to hear Tensai’s loud hissing or look at his gut is an improvement of the product… I swear every time he gets in the ring he looks like he just wants to make someone his prison bitch.

  • mike

    ^^ why are you on this artile if all you do is bash raw and the whole wwe. Stop being a hater and get off the wwe news and read your gay tna shit.

  • Mark

    So much for a shake up . Raw and the whole WWE product is shit