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RAW Rating, Edge at RAW with Phoenix, Super SmackDown

– Monday’s episode of WWE RAW scored a 2.94 rating for all three hours. RAW averaged 4.31 million viewers for the first hour, 4.22 million for the second and 3.78 million for the third. Overall, RAW averaged 4.10 million viewers, which was above the previous two weeks.

– The Score in Canada will air next week’s Super Smackdown Special at 8 PM (ET) on Tuesday, November 6th.

– Beth Phoenix posted the following Tweet and photo before her match on Raw last night.

“…seconds before I went thru the curtain for the last time”

Backstage Photos of Beth Phoenix with Edge and Natalya from Raw

  • Kumar

    gee thanks alot Edge u selfish bastard

  • poko

    Beth is a pretty lady but even if she wasn’t I’d still like and respect her for her wrestling ability and the fact that she did every stupid thing the WWE asked of her, even when we all know her run should have been much brighter.

    Looks are not everything. Give me Beth Phoenix over Kelly Kelly any day of the bloody week, Maxim rankings or not. The emphasis on beauty first is what has ruined the Diva’s division.

  • Nick

    ^ do you used a wet napkin to please your self, since you dont have a gf


    Nick stfu i bet you don’t even have a girlfriend if you do she’s a fat tub of goo just like you Edge is banging Beth who is a certified 10 you jelly bro? Nick shouldn’t criticize anyones looks when he looks like jabba the hut he loses his breath trying to breathe.

  • SYM

    lol, as soon as Edge starts fuckin another of Punks ex’s Beth will be back on raw. i give it 6 months.

  • beautiful gal

    im sorry (pig) but beth phoenix is a lot prettier than vickie guerrero

  • Pig

    and Edge is spearing that?????

  • beautiful gal

    vickie guerrero is a manipulative bitch which other wwe superstars career is she going to ruin next

  • Zedd

    I will never get used to seeing Edge without the long hair.

  • Nick

    WWE has a chance to turn 2.94 ratings to 4 + ratings, with one simple change.

    Good Cena, turns into bad Cena

  • Nick

    What an ugly couple