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RAW Rating for This Week’s Show, Piper’s Pit on Tonight’s Live SmackDown Special

– “Cowboy” Bob Orton is backstage for tonight’s SmackDown special. He was not advertised but may be appearing.

– Daniel Bryan will be the special guest for Piper’s Pit with Roddy Piper on tonight’s live SmackDown special on SyFy.

– Following the return of Brock Lesnar, this past Monday’s edition of WWE RAW scored a 3.1 cable rating. This is down from last week’s 3.43 rating. The show did 4.29 million viewers, down from 5.01 million last week.

  • JWaller91

    Wrestling isn’t cool anymore. Forget the ratings, let’s just hope they give the people who still do care a quality product.

  • BrockLesnarF5

    You cant believe people when i watched raw the only impressive part were cm punk & jericho and Brock Lesnar & Cena, wwe should create more storylines probally a few more poeple turning Heel but im guesing WWE will try and increase ratings any way the can by making alot of intense action on the way to Extreme Rulez

  • philly655

    i agree with bigelow… seems like the tide is about to turn

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    It’s starting to seem like nothing will help the ratings long-term or short-term, I don’t understand it. I am sure a lot people watch on DVR, but even ratings with the Rock were disappointing. The Raw after Wrestlemania was epic, and the ratings weren’t that high.

    I really have no idea what WWE could do to boost ratings unless they had a TNA invasion angle or something along those lines, even though that would probably only boost ratings short-term and is highly unlikely. Despite the lack of ratings, I just get the vibe that WWE is headed toward a boom period.

    Ever since Punk’s promo it seems, WWE overall has gotten a lot better, and I think the future looks bright for WWE. Even if the the ratings don’t increase soon, the product is getting better. Having Jericho, Rock (occasionally), and Lesnar back right now is awesome, new talent on the rise, Punk is the top active wrestler behind Cena, Bryan is actually relevant, maybe Christian will be too. Punk, Bryan Sheamus, Del Rio, Ziggler, Rhodes, Miz and Barrett are the future main eventers. Maybe Ryback can be something good. Ex ROH guys in developmental, and probably even more to come. I am looking forward to Ambrose and the Kings of Wrestling being called to the main roster, Damien Sandow could be something, who knows.

    Most importantly, it feels like the slow evolution into a new attitude as PG is slowly fading away.

  • Kris

    if he was such a draw, why they let him walk? shoulda offered bitch snoozar more money so he woulda stayed in Ufc, instead of wasting time with a borign ass segment since he cant talk and hasnt been able to knock off ring rust yet

  • barry horowitz

    yeah straight-edge he’s not a big deal thats why he was UFC’s biggest draw right? no maybe its WWE’s shitty wrestling card that people didnt care to stick around for? the fact that the hottest segment was followed by a bunch of snore fest matches

  • Jason L

    Now WWE will blane Brock for the lower ratings. It’s The Miz syndrome. Although I’d rather watch The Miz on any show instead of Brock. At least Miz has character & charisma.

  • Straight-edge

    because lesnar isnt that big of a deal

  • lol

    rodney the piper