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Raw Scores Below Average Rating, Storyline Update On Big Show & Mark Henry

— The July 11, 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw did a 2.9 rating, up from 2.40 on July 4 but down from 3.13 on June 27. The program drew hours of 2.86 and 2.96.

The program averaged 4.387 million viewers over the course of two hours, down from 4.40 the week before. Raw was also 12 percent below the 2011 average of 5.0 million viewers.

Raw faced strong competition as the Home Run Derby on ESPN averaged a 4.64 cable rating from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m.

— Joey Styles stated on Twitter that both Big Show and Mark Henry refused medical treatment after both individuals fell off the stage last night on Raw. He added, “if either is injured, they’re not saying so!”

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  • Indeed, after the pg era began we no longer had GOOD shows like the recent one, Punk just makes the PG looks invisible, I just hope he will stay.

  • erik

    maybe people are tired of supercena being shove down there throats for 6 years? does vince know how to make stars anymore?

  • venom

    Mark Henry and Big Show weren’t hurt because they have that extra weight. To Sammo, lol.

  • Youfools

    This mark henry big show thing is just gonna get wasted cause once henry goes over at mitb hopefully he’s just gonna get buried again cause of super orton but then again we might see another christian vs orton match another 2 ppvs -__-

  • Hunter

    It was an average raw- nothing more. CM punk, cena and vince did a good job, but I didn’t really get in to anything else that night. Two handicap matches??

  • I would like to point out that the WWE is not at fault with anyone or anything that doesn’t like what the show has to offer if anything that really sucks in the WWE at this point of time is the pg theme. we need the attitude era again!!!!! lets go vince make the right decision bring back the attitude era

  • Howe

    You guys do realize that ALOT of people watched the Home Run Derby. And also the casual fan (not us) may not have known that Punk was returning…

  • Stephen

    Ok I was there live and the crowd reaction was awsome for cena and
    Cm punk these two also tore the house down after raw went off the air in the dark match in a street fight so I am looking foward to money in the bank not only for the cena vs punk match but for the raw money in the bank match I hope delrio looses

  • frank

    hey frank cm puck sucks no one cares about him the rating tells the truth even the script shoot promo didnt help him so stfu

  • CM Mark

    You people kill me… They’ve had two RAW’s, TWO, to develop this storyline. They’re not even had a PPV buy yet and you’re all calling it over for Punk. The bottom line is WWE will always have the ratings when some special show like the home run derby isn’t on. THey OWN Mondays, and have for some time now. THe buzz for Punk is, as he put it, “social”, and did not translate into ratings last week but it EXPLODED everywhere else. It may work, it may not, but give them more time to develop the storyline than ONE RAW…

  • CM Mark

    Sorry to see you go. NOT!

  • keylo

    Date: Jul 12, 2011 at 3:23 PM

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    way to go, i’m out of here just wanted to warn ppl————-

    Just use ad blocker plus add on as it stops anything this site can throw up and annoy you with, bar marc middleton of course as nothing can stop him.

  • Ron

    lets face it, the internet ruined wrestling…just like it ruined alot of stuff

  • really!

    be careful one of the stupid pop-ups on this site give you a virus,

    way to go, i’m out of here just wanted to warn ppl


  • really!

    the show was fine it’s just anyone who would remotely find punk’s comments interesting or funny has stopped watching and your left with a bunch of people with stupid looks that don’t know what’ s going on.

    After all those months of not saying “wrestling” and using bad language it is going to take a while (not to mention continuation of current storyline) to get the real fans back, then rating will rise.

  • dlb

    the only good things on the show were the punk segments. the rest of the show had a few terrible matches (the mitb tag one was all right)and what seemed like way more than usual video segmetns and commercials. if not for punk i would say that was one of the worst raws in a long time. i guess the miz promo was decently good too.

  • WrestlingIsGay

    WWE is the gayest fucking “sport” I have ever seen. It’s so FAKE!

  • The Killswitch

    And yet, you have Punk delivering the greatest segments in recent wrestling history, and you think the show sucked?

    You’re one of the reasons Punk wants out of the WWE. Congratulations, you drove away a future legend.

  • dave

    the show suck the wresting was bad super cena beating the tag champs boring cmp -over rated even when he semi shoot still no one cares about him

  • mike

    the show suck no good wrestling cena buried the tag champs no one cares about cm punk even when he shooting still cant draw cm-over rated shit

  • The Killswitch

    That just proves that the average viewer doesn’t know good entertainment. Because that was one of the best shows in a long time.