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Raw Viewership Plunges During The Final Hour, AJ Lee Loves Her Divas Title, More

– Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s confrontation with Big Show failed to entice a good number of fans as viewership continuously dropped during the show.

Monday’s episode drew 3.887 million viewers, according to This is down from 4.152 million the week before.

Raw viewership peaked during the first hour, drawing 4.069 million viewers. The second hour drew 3.951 million viewers, before plunging to 3.643 million in the third and final hour featuring a confrontation between the power couple and “The World’s Largest Athlete.”

The final rating is expected to be released later today.

– The official WWE website has published a photo gallery featuring quotes from Divas Champion AJ Lee proclaiming her love for the butterfly belt.

“They’re personal conversations between me and my child,” Lee said when asked about talking to the Divas Title.

– The latest edition of WWE en Espanol is now online, with Marcelo Rodríguez and Carlos Cabrera reviewing last week’s WWE events in Spanish.


  • Yes!3X

    That’s absolutely right. Triple H’s treatment of Daniel Bryan reminded me alot of his angle with Booker T. What HHH has never understood is that it’s only alright to bury the babyface if the babyface is going to beat the odds and succeed in the end. Which makes their victory all the more gratifying. But HHH would bury the hell out of Booker T and Bryan each and every week only to have them lose and never get any revenge. Booker T was never as over after that feud. I just hope the same won’t be said for Bryan. Watching The Big Show wrestle for the title isn’t exactly must-see tv.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    It’s bc they built up Bryan for absolutely no reason and there giving opportunities to the wrong people.

  • michael

    Deserve the plunge. People are sick of the “The Authority”. People would love it if Kane double crossed and got Show’s back.

  • Yes!3X

    I guess two forty something year-old men well past their primes arguing in the ring isn’t “what’s best for business”.