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Reason For No Crowd Response To Ryback On Raw, Lashley Not Fighting At WSOF

– Monday’s Raw concluded with WWE Champion CM Punk encountering Mick Foley backstage and giving him a kick to the gut in response to a disappointed glare. Moments later, Punk stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing Ryback staring him down. The segment was also notable for the lack of crowd reaction to Ryback in the segment. According to fans in attendance, the segment was not shown to the live crowd as the Titantron screen was dark.

– Former WWE Superstar-turned-mixed martial artist Bobby Lashley will not compete on the premiere World Series of Fighting event airing on NBC Sports Network on Saturday, November 3. The promotion released the full match line-up for their premiere event Tuesday and Lashley was not among those listed after being previously announced to appear. Pro Wrestling Torch has confirmed that Lashley will not be competing on the show.

(sources:, Pro Wrestling Torch)

  • Tyler(:

    Big Muscley Bald Guy with one ring name. Must be Goldberg 2.

    Nice Logic.

  • tang

    Whats all this noone liking him stuff about? He gets a huge reaction everytime he comes out lol hes getting over eveb with the short matches and hes shown he can work longer matches in the past and has already started to work some again. He was funny and entertaining as Skip but his gimmick is supposed to be somewhat cold and emotionless. Jeez wrestling fans forget so easily

  • Turn Off The Dark

    Nobody liking him/being excited? I laughed my ass off when I seen Ryback standing there. It was awesome. And has no one seen all the feed me more signs, and how much he gets the audience into it? I don’t usually like huge guys like that. But there’s something about Ryback that is just entertaining. Hate all you want. 😛

  • That ending just confused me

  • Bawb

    How could anyone consider this guy new? He’s a retread of Goldberg. Not saying you can’t recycle gimmicks with a bit of uniqueness, but, given the stale writing and development of stars, it’s just too similar. And this guy started this gimmick like just several months ago, why so fast?

  • Rated R

    Yeah its about time we have some one new in the title picture besides bloody Cena, i cant believe he’s getting another shot at Hell in a Cell why????

    He will prob win then face the Rock at mania again!

    you know like last time, like this is the one time only lol

  • Cracker1986

    i love how people blow-up because it is always the Big 3 Punk/Orton & Super Cena in the WWE and as so as someone new come in to the picture all they do is complain about it!!!

    Lets go Ryback….

  • Crocop

    Of course he’ll put the strap on Ryback, then after month of no one liking the guy he’ll bury him for year with goofy gimmicks. Rinse…repeat.

  • Men on a Mission

    I’m sure Vince sees Heavyweight Championships in the near future for Ryback…

  • Dave

    Go back and rewatch NXT season 1. He has plenty of personality and charisma.
    It’s just that this current gimmick calls for a much more intense persona.

  • the v

    I have been hoping for a while Ryback would get involved with the wwe title, he reminds me of the wrestlers from the 80s and early 90s, pumped, agressive, energetic, brutal, something most wrestlers arent today. Ryback deserves to be champ, wwe should have more wrestlers like him.

  • jerry

    ryback! LOL LOL LOL!!! that guy is a dorky, no charisma having washed up glorifed bar bouncer, he doesnt belong in the wwe. you will see. he might get some pop to start, but he aint staying. lol!!

  • Bawb

    Regardless, I am sure that everyone at home responded similarly to the crowd.