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Reks Comments on Backstage Segment, Natalya Says She’s Confused About Beth, More

– Besides Alex Rodriguez, MLB stars Robinson Cano and Eduardo Nunez were also in attendance for last night’s WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view from Miami.

– Carolina Panther Deangelo Williams, who competed with Batista in the triathlon, was in attendance for WrestleMania.

– Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins appeared during WrestleMania 28 after rapper Flo Rida shoved Heath Slater into a wall backstage. Reks wrote on Twitter about the segment and told fans to look out for change:

“Me & @TheCurtHawkins got our first #WrestleMania moment together. Thx to everyone that was pullin for us! Keep an eye out for #Change!”

– Natalya was asked on Twitter if she was upset that Beth Phoenix didn’t pick her to team at WrestleMania 28. She responded last night:

“I’m confused. Not sure what to think-”

There had been talk of doing a Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix feud and that may still happen soon.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Natalya should’ve been Beth’s partner. They are in storyline. but no, WWE has some unexplainable need to always put Eve into everything. Nobody cares about her, she’s not all that hot, sucks in the ring, and overall is annoying because of how much face time she gets on TV. Don’t tell me she’s not banging someone in the back. Because she certainly didn’t earn her spot due to skill, talent, heart and determination. Someone’s tickling Vince’s grapefruits… other than Cena lol

  • ogitchida

    Natalya vs Beth will be, should be good regardless, they dont need wrestlemania to have a good classic divas feud that everybody has been waiting for…

  • the_electrifying_one

    For once what about they do something good with the Diva’s. Wait till Summerslam and have Natalya turn on Beth to become face and have the feud going until Wrestlemania 29 so it can finish there. Old school long term programme.

    They can pull it off both are good enough.

  • Bill

    What? Natalya vs. Beth should’ve happened at WrestleMania!