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Report: Vince McMahon Not Sold on Sasha Banks

According to a report from F4WOnline, WWE Officials wanted to wait on the Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair feud so it could peak just before Wrestlemania 33, as initial plans had the feud beginning much earlier.

The first big match between Charlotte and Bayley is supposed to go down at the Royal Rumble in San Antonio, and Wrestling Observer Radio reports that WWE Officials believe Bayley is a stronger baby face than Banks. Vince McMahon himself is not too high on Sasha Banks either, and her reign as champion was not meant to be a a long one.

WWE Officials feel that Banks is the better heel and that the big money women’s program is with Bayley and Charlotte.

Your thoughts?

  • D2K

    The list is extremely short of women wrestlers who have had great mic skills. Of the top of my head the only “legit” women wrestlers that have been in WWE that had great mic skills were Sherri Martel, Lita, Trish Stratus, Mickie James, and AJ Lee.

  • CC

    The big problem with Vince is he is still stuck in the mindset that if someone is popular with fans, turn them babyface. Sasha should never have been turned face in the first place. Jericho is a rare example of a heel being a fan favourite and not being turned, but I am sure that is because Chris has a degree of creative control.
    Look at New Day. They were great as heels, and it got them over, so they got turned face. And while they came off great as faces initially, its really becoming tired now with their gimmick proving their face turn was way too early.

    Banks is far better as a heel, and a far better heel than Charlotte.

  • M

    Wish she never was turned face to begin with. Bayley wins at mania, Sasha turns heel on her. Hopefully next draft, Sasha ends up on SD to be the top heel. Love what they’re doing with Alexa Bliss over there but other than her they’re lacking. Carmella’s been great but she’s not getting the belt anytime soon and Natalya is just Natalya.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    This man is a delusional senile idiot, time for Vince McMahon to retire and stay away from pro wrestling

  • JAckh45

    Do you think anyone on the womens RAW roster does have that skill tho? Granted Charlotte has improved greatly, but I wouldn’t call it WM level pull yet.
    Sasha needs to be heel to take seriously in my opinion, shes much better pulling that off, than a cuddly face character. as for Bayley, well she hasn’t really been given the chance yet, so I’ll wait to cast judgement.

  • Dave McCauley

    I should have said personal opinion.

  • PJ

    Cuz lord knows she not a good babyface

  • PJ

    Sasha’s promos suck

  • Erron Black

    He’s not sold on her, but he’s given her THREE title reigns and has booked her to be practically invincible. Ok.

  • Dave McCauley

    Bayley has a stronger fan base when it comes to kids so I can see how he would think she would be a better baby face (and sell a boat load of merch!) but she doesn’t have the promo skills to sell me on a Wrestlemania match like Sasha does.

  • Pierrepoint

    There’s a big surprise. WWE hasn’t given Banks a run as champion at all. How are you supposed to build anything when you dump her as champion the first chance you get? And they’ve done it three times already.

    If Vince doesn’t like her, release and let her go somewhere else.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    Ugh I hate Vince so much

  • Chad Boswell

    Duh, Sasha is a natural heel.