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Report on WWE’s Interest in Top TNA Stars – Beer Money, Rob Van Dam and Others

– Recent online reports have suggested that WWE is interested in signing several talents from TNA once their contracts with the company expire. Courtesy of PWTorch, here is a breakdown of the rumored names and if WWE is interested:

* Rob Van Dam – WWE is interested in bringing him back.

* Matt Morgan – WWE was interested in Morgan last year but he chose to stick with TNA.

* Bully Ray – WWE has shown some interest in the former Tag Team Champion. No word yet if they’re interested in bringing Ray back with Devon as Team 3D.

* The Pope – Officials were interested early last year when he was being pushed but not so much anymore.

* Samoa Joe – There is no interest from WWE.

* Ink Inc. – There may be some interest in bringing back Shannon Moore down the road but Jesse Neal is viewed as a developmental prospect at best.

* James Storm and Robert Roode – WWE had interest last year in bringing Beer Money in as a tag team but word is that they’re not interested in bringing the former TNA Tag Team Champions in as singles wrestlers.

  • Nicholas

    Yeah but there again TNA should bend over backwards to keep the good young talent around. If they can keep the old nags around the younger talent should be much easier. Unless those young guys feel not use enough or is tired like myself seeing all the old wwe guys getting a push and not them.

  • bonerjams

    I would get:
    aj styles i’m afraid he might be too loyal to TNA though
    I’d get Beer Money for sure both talented wrestles.
    Matt Morgan.
    Motorcity Machine Guns.
    Rob Van Dam would be more motivated in wwe.
    As would Mickie James.
    It’s funny that after this wrestlers are gone.
    What else do you got in TNA??? Not a whole lot.

  • Automattic

    Can’t see either Roode or Storm wanting to leave at this point. They’re main event status in TNA now, in WWE, they would be lost in tag team obscurity again, so it would really be a step back. As for RVD, I really don’t know if WWE wants to take a chance with his association with marijuana.

  • Nicholas

    I have never nor will I ever be an RVD fan. To me the guys is the most overrated wrestler next to Jeff Hardy on the internet. To me all that. High flying crap without the wrestling or the mic skills means nothing sorry just the way I feel never been inpress. There was a reason back in ECW prime that RVD was never ECW champion he is not world champion materail. So to me if TNA lost RVD it would be a good thing. I just don’t see why Wwe would want him back he is nothing put a pot smoking junky.

    Now on Beer Money both guys are still young but TNA should bend over backwards to keep the 2 around. Why because they do is so well for all those exwwe guys that done them nothing. But Beer Money these two should keep on being Tna number 1 and 2 guys. They give Tna a chance to be what they could become. If they lose these two where do you have to build from it would be a death nail. See I am not all Wwe fan. I want Tna to be good just feel Rvd was never any good. In fact most of those ex wwe guys. It is just Tna needs to build there own TNa guys. Because here is the things about the Ex Wwe guys they are always a threat on going back to the Wwe that is something Dixie Carter would have by building from with in the Tna guys maybe more over.

  • venom

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Roode in WWE, but somebody would have to speak for him. Surprised that WWE wants RVD back

  • adam

    @landon harris. Its obvoius on screen he has none that is why he was teamed up with storm or chris harris or in team canada so other people can do the talking for him he sucks on the mic and he is just boring.

  • @davey zoo i went on the tna cruise and some of the workers said booby roode has no charisma

  • adam

    I would only be intrested in beer money as a team as well they dont seem as good in singles action bobby has no charcter and james is better as a tag team wrestler. I would like to see a reunited dudley boys though. As for morgan only if they give him a charcter not htat stupid stuttering thing he had last time. Joe who knows same with pope.

  • PinkSinCara

    I’m a big RVD fan but his time has come and gone. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bubba or Matt Morgan back. Fat Joe can stay in TNA

  • CC

    Seeing as Neal isnt even with TNA anymore, how is this info up to date?

  • Davey Zoo

    No AJ?? Agree with @Paton.

    I Skip through tna and the best talent by far is double a Austin aires.

    Suprised if they didn’t want bobby Roode, he reminds me of hhh.

  • shawn

    rvd? the guy can go but slower nowadays. and their stupid if they dont want joe.

  • Paton

    just sounds like a fan giving his opinion really