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Review for WWE’s New Orton Movie, Video of Jericho on Kimmel, Daniel Bryan

– Below is video of Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke on Jimmy Kimmel last night after being eliminated from Dancing With the Stars:

– has reviewed WWE’s That’s What I Am with Randy Orton. Here is part of their review:

“With That’s What I Am, WWE Studios shifts away from the big, dumb actioners that they’ve been cranking out at an alarming rate since 2002 in favor of a similarly moronic period-piece tolerance tale, which ends up resembling an indie flick chewed up and spit out by the Hallmark Channel. “

– With WWE trying to stay away from the word “wrestling”, it’s interesting to note that WWE has released another “Submission Wrestling” t-shirt for Daniel Bryan.

  • In Grind We Crust

    too bad See No Evil wasn’t good enough to be a horror or slasher flick. Tough break Kane, no one blames you.

  • CC

    @CiB. Slasher films are as much a part of the horror genre as Dracula or Wolfman. The point of a horror film is to shock and scare, which is what the primary target of a slasher film is.
    In fact, the term ‘slasher’ film is just a sub genre, and not an official one. If you look at award ceremonies or big film related archives like imdb etc, you will find that they are classed as horror movies as their is no such classification as slasher film.

  • donners

    and you can’t call the chaperone a ‘comedy’, because that usually suggests that the film is FUNNY….

  • CiB


    Largely agree- given the size of the studio though, 10 films in 8 years is pretty quick. Half their movies being one genre though is enough to generalise the studios output to that genre though.

    However- See No Evil is not a horror film- it’s an action/slasher movie. The Omen (the original) or the Exorcist are horror films- See No Evil or Nightmare on Elm Street aren’t.

  • Steve

    I don’t think WWE is trying to stay away from the word “wrestling”, but rather not promote the brand name “WWE” as a “wrestling company”. Very different. Oh well, dirt sheets gonna post what they wanna post, am I right?

  • CC

    Not trying to defend the Orton film, or any other WWE film for that matter, but needs to check its facts if it thinks that a) WWE have been churning out loads of films since 2002. & that b) they are all action films.
    To my knowledge since 2002 the sum total of WWE’s film output has been
    See no evil (horror)
    The marine (action)
    The marine 2 (action)
    The condemned (action)
    Knucklehead (comedy)
    Behind enemy lines:Columbia (action)
    Legendary (drama)
    The chaperone (comedy)
    That’s what I am (drama)
    12 rounds (action)

    10 films in just over 8 year is hardly “churning them out”, especially when you consider most movie studios will do more than that in a single year. And of those 10, only 5 have been action films.

  • JIR

    why not Bryan is a wrestler and endangered species in the business