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Rey Mysterio Avoids Injury, Cena Finishes New WWE Movie Scenes

– WWE’s next movie starring John Cena, titled Brother’s Keeper, is about to finish filming in Louisiana. Cena finished his scenes last week. The movie is expected to be released in theaters this Summer, possibly around the time of WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

– Rey Mysterio avoided a major injury at a SmackDown/ECW live event last week where he was teaming with Kane to face CM Punk & Luke Gallows.

Rey was standing on Kane’s shoulders when Kane started walking before Rey was in place. Rey fell backwards towards the turnbuckle and landed with all of his weight on the left leg. The match was immediately stopped. Referee Jack Doan spoke with Rey, who confirmed he was hurt. Rey rolled out to the floor for a while before the match was re-started. Kane worked the next few minutes by himself and Rey did come back in but only for a few quick spots. Rey limped to the back but did work the TV tapings two nights later and has worked several shows since then.

  • Hdhdhdhdhdhdh

    Wwe wrestlers are getting hurt way to much that is why they are losing their wrestlers to tna impact I mean think of who they lost to tna. Booker t raven Steve Richards jeff hardy Shannon Moore ric flair Kurt angle Scott Steiner team 3d rhyno hulk hogan Eric bishoff mick foley. At least if they get hurt they use in the storylines for the next taping I’m not di respecting wwe I’m just sayig that they need to get some better ideas for their wrestlers

  • jimmy dean

    pro wrestling/ sports entertainment is a highly physical, somewhat violent athletic event( not neccisarily a sport). people are bound to get hurt, and with rey’s style, he is more likely than alot of others. so get over it. al the top guys are getting injured, because it happens. period, so shut up with the injury prone/ kennedy/ mysterio injury bs, you idiots.

  • Karina

    Rey isn’t injury prone at all. In his WWE career he’s been out like, twice? You have to remember, he’s 30 + , and has been flying for 20+ years now. His legs aren’t in the best shape.


    Kennedy is less than two years younger than Rey (hardly “a lot younger”, and they both are extremely injury prone.

  • baddog_1_2k

    well said spy. kennedy is alot younger too Rey has bad knees he has a reason I guess is the way to say it.

  • Spy

    because Kennedy really was hurt (after 1 night back ) Rey didn’t get hurt

  • edgehead15

    And then they wanna talk bout Kennedy being inury prone………sigh

  • stockshark28

    Rey almost got injured NO WAY not him!! LOL Isn’t he injured like 90% of the time?