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Rey Mysterio Not Used at RAW, Future Plans for Extreme Rising, Zach Gowen

– Former WWE Superstar Zach Gowen was asked on Twitter if he would ever return to WWE. He replied:

“Of course, id love the opportunity to reach more people on a larger scale”

– Extreme Rising will return to the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia on Saturday, November 17th. The first main event of the night will crown the first Extreme Rising champion while the second main event will be a cage match with fan voting. PWInsider reports that the event will be set up to be a major blow-off event with current storylines coming to an end and a pre-show fanfest at 12pm.

– Rey Mysterio was reportedly backstage at last night’s WWE RAW Supershow from Laredo, Texas but obviously was not used. Rey was eligible to return last week but they pushed his return back to this week but for some reason it has been delayed again. Rey should be returning imminently but is still not being advertised for any WWE events. It’s still possible that Rey qualifies for Money in the Bank this week.

  • cenaWWE

    the “i” anything is a waste of my money fuck you i everything! and don’t you mean Sin “botch” Cara?

  • No Name Required

    I’m pumped about the Extreme Rising championship it seems like the first champ will be Matt Hardy or Jerry Lynn.

  • voice of reason

    i tried to send a sms on an iphone with auto correct & i hated it i couldnt use the bloody thing

  • T-Will

    nah @ Unique the iPhone does that all the time it doesn’t have to be A word that you use in slang if you type any word correctly that you know how to spell and or if you use the space button/bar it will put A different word instead I know this because I have A iPhone4

  • kamala’s foot

    I got an idea, how about me vs zach gowen in a plastic foot on a pole match

  • Unique

    Maybe if you had typed opponent then the stupid iPhone wouldn’t have needed to auto correct

  • Buttercastle

    Oops, meant to put mystery apponent. Stupid iPhone auto correct.

  • Buttercastle

    They shoulda had him as Del Rio’s mystery appoint. Instead they sent out Sin Cara to get squashed before the match even started.