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– Mediotiempo.com, a Spanish news site, has a new article up with Rey Mysterio where he says he will retire from wrestling in three years to spend more time with his family. The article was a bit hard to understand when translating from Spanish to English but it sounded like Rey was talking about retiring at WrestleMania. Rey also talked about retiring to heal his body.

Mysterio said that for the rest of his career, he wants to be “even more spectacular and innovative.”

The article also noted that Mysterio is wanting to get into acting and may be doing so in the future.

  • MysterioFan4Life

    to the chickmagnet person, I agree. Im never watchin wwe ever agian!

  • MysterioFan4Life

    I dont want him to retire. Ive watched him a lot and hes AMAZING!!!! Hes my hero and inspiration and if he leaves i’ll cry:(

  • chickmagnet

    this sucks!rey cant leave he is the best!if he leaves i will never watch wwe again! 619 619 619 619

  • Venom

    Why does everybody quit wrestling to go into acting. Not everybody is going to be like The Rock. I guess Stone Cold is doing okay. But I think Rey, Booker T, and Kurt Angle should stick to wrestling.


    you miss a lot of good point on the interview in mediotiempo.com rey comment that he is not liking the faq that his not innovating any more and feels tire thats why he say about 3 years and that’s it, he is thinking of this in the BIG stage, this comes to mind that there is a lot of pushing for legendary aztec stadium in mexico city for WM in some point may bi the case why rey say in 3 years, on othere notes in the interview he say he is upset because of the issue whit the wellness test, he mention it was amiss understanding because he fell to present the paperwork for some medication on time

    he also mention that they may be role in acting in the future, its one of hes dreams

    personally hes a great wrestle i remember whne i just to go to the old auditorio de tijuana, and saw some great wrestling from him, i watch hes carrier since the beginning and he deserved to go out as one of the greats in the legendary stage

  • The-Rattlensnake420

    I suppose I could see Rey Mysterio acting on Telemundo. But then again….I never watch Telemundo so even if he did act, I wouldn’t see him at all, or care to see him for that matter. Go back to Mexico and wrestle Konnan.

  • The-Rattlensnake420

    Rey Mysterio has been entertaining who for years? Little kids? Mexicans?
    I’m sick of Rey Mysterio, and I too got excited when I saw the headline “Rey Mysterio Retiring”
    There is no room for that fvkkin circus act in wrestling.
    Take your 5 foot nothin ass and a be a Horse Jockey Rey Mysterio. You suck and I could care less if we ever see you again. Better yet why don’t you pop a handful of them painkillers you take, juice yourself up with them roids you shoot in your ass, and call it a career. And if it makes you feel better…”Do it for Eddie..”
    It’s wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, winning heavyweight championships and main eventing Raws and Smackdowns and PPVs that has made me stop watching WWE. He sucks and he’s not even big enough to wrestle midgets, nor can I understand him when he thinks everybody can understand him when speaks spanish…not everybody that watches wrestling hablas espanol you doucher. And not everybody that watches wrestling, likes Rey Mysterio. Good bye. Hasta Luego. PEACE

  • luster boy

    good for us, he’s so boring and for kids only

  • Mark

    rey rey has had a great career. but he has to think of his body cant take much more. one of the best wrestlers with some superb moves

  • Richard

    As for guys retiring at Wm each year, please understand that WM is the end of the wrestling season in WWE. Like most athletes they wait til after the season to retire and that is why many are doing it at Mania now.

  • Ranjin Singh

    rey used to be amazing, he is boring and repetitive now, only does a couple of moves and “wrestles safe” so as not to reinjure his knee.

  • grizz

    Rey in acting, what part will he play? The new Minnie Me. Now Hornswoggle will be the only midget in WWE.

  • GN

    I’m going to agree that Rey has had a great career but he is getting rather stale. Same thing every week.

  • rko

    Mysterio is the ultimate under dog in the wwe. I’ve enjoyed following his career. I hope another world title is in the cards for him before he retires. It’s come across he only won the world title in the first place because of Eddie’s passing. He deserves it solely on talent and charisma.

  • RPM

    I find him boring, but it is due largely due to them removing the cruiserweight division.

    If they had kept it they could of made it like the X-Div in TNA which is in all honesty the best part of TNA, the high spots are awesome even if vince hates spots.

  • Kenneth Fentress

    His knee can’t take that much more damage. He’s had surgery on it 5 times. I can see him retiring in less if he gets injured again.

  • V-FF

    I’m kinda relieved and regretful, Rey Mysterio has been entertaining us for years and we dont realize it. I can see him rettiring in less than 3 years. I mean what else is there for him to do? The Crusierweight Title is gone and that was pretty much his division to really shine. He’s not going to win another world title I think, could be wrong maybe another tag team title or another IC title but who really knows, I mean really what else is there for him to do in the WWE?

  • Eric Nixon


    I saw “Rey Mysterio Retiring from WWE…” and got excited. I don’t know what to think about guys retiring at WrestleMania. I know it’s the biggest stage, but I don’t want it to get to the point where every time an older guy has a big match at Mania, we’ll just assume it’s their last.

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