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Rey Mysterio Talks Possible WWE Return, Who’s the Best Wrestler in WWE, Who’s the Future of the Sport

Former WWE Superstar and current Lucha Underground star Rey Mysterio was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated. You can check out the highlights here:

On who’s the best wrestler in WWE:

“Randy Orton is, in my eyes and in my heart, the best wrestler in that company. I’m not talking about high flying, I’m not taking about the fast-paced acrobatic style. To me, he’s the best in WWE right now. I don’t think there is ever going to be a guy that works the style he does. The way he carries himself in the ring means a lot to me. Randy has a great presence and style that can’t be compared to anyone, and nobody can imitate his style. I actually use Randy Orton as an example to my son because he wants to start training in January. My son is a big kid—he’s 6’1″, 205—and I insist that he must watch and learn from Randy’s style. Not to imitate, but just to learn from what he has done over the years and see his evolution into who he is now. I have tremendous respect for that man. He’s an awesome human being, and he’s a general in the ring.”

On a possible WWE return:

“You never say never. but I am very, very comfortable in the position I’m in with Lucha Underground. I love their schedule, I love their style, I love what they have to offer. I don’t think there will ever be another company that has what Lucha Underground has. It’s very unique, exciting, and fresh—this is really something new.”

On Ricochet being the future of wrestling:

“Prince Puma is the crispest dude in that ring. I truly believe that he’s the future of this sport. I know there is a lot of talent out there that is incredible, and maybe I haven’t seen some yet or I’m not aware of others, but after sharing a corner in the ring with Prince Puma—then sharing an opposite corner with him—I believe that he is the best wrestler out there right now. That’s because his talent is just amazing—the precise moments, the way he executes each and every move, the timing, and the way he carries himself in the ring is just incredible.”

  • CC

    Randy the best in WWE? ha ha ha ha ha

  • D2K

    Stay in Lucha Underground. They’ve got something special brewing down there.

  • PJ

    Randy is one of a kind