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Rey Mysterio Talks Wanting to Walk Away from Wrestling

During an interview with Rey Mysterio talked about possibly leaving WWE after he suffered his most recent injury. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

“This past year that I’ve been recovering from my surgery, I really thought about it (quitting wrestling)… And my family has been supportive from day one, especially my wife. She tells me, ‘God is giving you the blessing to go out there and do it again.’ All over [again],” Mysterio said. “My knee is good after the surgery and, you know, I’m just going to take this ride as long as it goes, until God says, you know, it’s time to tap out now. Say [that] I quit. But that’s not the time yet.”

  • Banjo

    @ savage: there is no point in having all the veterans stealing the spotlight anymore.. especially rock and hhh.. yes they do draw money and theyre entertaining, but they had their time.. in the long run its bad for the rest of the roster.. there will come a day where rock, hhh, y2j, taker, wont be able to wrestle anymore and the wwe will stand here with wrestlers noone cares for cause they missed to push them and make them interesting.. year 98, what would u say if warrior suddenly came back and main evented mania instead of austin?

  • JohnCena33

    WOW, cussing each other out over wrestling, I bet people can’t stand you guys.

  • Devil_Rising


    Assholes? Why? Because I don’t believe Rey has any reason left to wrestle, and I’d prefer he can still walk and enjoy life and play with his kids with only minimal pain? Do you have any idea how much of a toll all the fancy flips and dives and moves that he’s done to entertain you over the years has taken on his body? There’s a reason he’s a shadow of his former self in the ring these days. And it’s not because “he sucks now”. It’s because he is physically incapable of doing them. His knees are shot, he’s had multiple surgeries on BOTH of them. I’m surprised he’s even back at all.

    So “no offense”, but we’re not assholes for saying he should retire now while he is still somewhat healthy. I’m afraid people like you, actually, are the assholes, for selfishly wanting him to continue on, even though it could eventually cost him his ability to ever walk again. But hey, so long as you’re entertained, right?

  • Jim

    Fuck you Matt. Throw yourself of a cliff. It’s my opinion why bring Ziggler into it didn’t say anything about him, don’t rate Cody Rhodes end of story. Ted Dibiase is better, Ziggler is better, Tyson Kidd is better there’s a hell of a lot more talent better than Rhodes.

    Everyone on here sucks Cody Rhodes dick like he’s the new messiah. Fact is his old man is one of the most manipulative assholes in the business and thats why he’s in his spot.

    Rhodes should be this generations white Koko B Ware and he would be if not for his last name.

  • Matt

    then you’re retarded Jim, the next decade or so will be built around people like Rhodes, Ziggler etc…

  • Jim

    Speak for yourself Banjo. Don’t see the hype about Cody Rhodes he’s only there because of nepotism.

  • banjo shut the fuck up u dicksucker

  • Banjo

    Well said leon.. maybe y2j and taker aswell… time to move on.. what whould have happened if warrior, piper, hogan were still around in 93/94… then there wouldnt have been a chance for bret and shawn to shine.. also sucks that rock will be in the main event of mania..

  • jeff

    Da cubs suck!!!! Go Astros

  • Leon

    Tombstone I didn’t say anything bad either. I would just to see Kane, Rey, Mark Henery, and HHH to get out of the ring so Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Zach Ryder can perform. I think rey is old and he doesn’t need to be out there. I hate when wrestlers just keep on going out there and hog the spotlight.

  • Matt

    Suck my left nut Tombstone.

    It’s not like I said anything bad about Mysterio, lets be honest he should have quit ages ago and will prolly end up a cripple down the line because of all the surgeries.

  • Tombstone

    @Eeveryone above——-Assholes! Me thinks maybe your jealous cause the man is getting paid to do what he loves.

    Maybe one day soon you will have to have several surgery’s on your finger and you will retire from using the keyboard. Well one can hope anyway.

  • Matt


    about 47 or so 😛

    Hell I doubt if he can remember how many anymore, I’m surprised he didnt quit years ago.

  • Leon

    Rey just quit. Let the younger talent shine. Your old and out of date now. Just go with your wife and kids and be retired.

  • Allo

    Save your money Rey then get out, sounds easy but not many wrestlers can seem to do it

  • Devil_Rising

    The dude needs to walk away while he can STILL WALK.

    Seriously. How many knee surgeries has Rey had? Time to quit homme, you’ve nothing left to prove.

  • Robinson

    His wife sounds pretty selfish to me.