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Ric Flair Taking Bookings Again, Update on Barrett Getting Re-packaged, Praise for NXT Star

– Ric Flair is back to taking bookings. After SummerSlam, WWE wanted Flair to get help and he canceled existing bookings, citing a reoccurring problem and hospitalization with blood clots in his legs. Flair told friends he was staying in Florida with his daughter, resting up and not traveling.

– It’s unlikely that Wade Barrett’s new gimmick will be the Badnews Barrett character we see on The JBL & Cole Show. Apparently it would be a big surprise if something they did on the YouTube show ever made it to TV. Still, there are plans to re-package Barrett just because the roster is lacking singles heel stars.

– Several people in WWE believe that former football player turned NXT star Mojo Rawley is the breakout star with the most potential right now.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • millerj265

    I just watched Mojo Rawleys debut match on nxt and id be willing to bet those ppl feel that way biased only on his football career and the attention that could bring them, because his match was terrible. He got beat down by a smaller jobber for most of the match and then came back with a few shoulder tackles, a flying butt bump similar to what colt cabana and Naomi do, and then won with a jumping butt splash that looked similar to what Fit Finlay used to do in the wwe, only Mojo can jump really high which still does nothing to make the move look good in anyway. In fact jumping really freaking high seems to be his only attribute and what is impressing the “several ppl within the wwe” because he did it like 10 time throughout the duration of his debut. The crowed was super into him on his way to the ring and excited about his debut and by the time he started his come back about 3min into it, they had already kinda lost some enthusiasm for him, and they were noticeable underwhelmed by how he won and with his post match celebration. I swear if they push this guy up the ladder and past the likes of Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Cory Graves, and kassius ohno then that would be the first of what I hope wont be many major mistakes made in there amazingly promising developmental system. Although if he flops in an embarrassing manner then maybe it will be a blessing in disguise, and it’ll cause the wwe to think twice before they give a guy preferential treatment just because he played football, just because it work so well with Goldberg and he was such a monster success that doesn’t mean it’ll ever happen again.

  • nick-hulk

    Lack of singles top heels. How about stop turning every heel face then, in a year we have: Miz, dolph ziggler, mark Henry, c m punk, big show, Antonio cesaro (rumoured), prime time players, Cody Rhodes, Damien sandow, Drew McIntyre (rumoured)

    And what faces have they turned heel: ryback, randy orton.

    Here’s a suggestion let cesaro turn, and start pushing Swagger again, give Ryback a run as WHC, bring shemeus bk as a heel and affiliate with McIntyre and Barrett with Regal as a mouth pieces (kings court done properly)

    Don’t moan about lack of heels, when u turn them all, have 9 featured on roster (orton, ryback, axel, shield, wyatts) and rely on 3,to hold everything together: The Shield.

  • Scooter

    I’d argue his gimmick was fine he just needs re-established.