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Ric Flair Done with TNA?, Details on Major Backstage Heat

– PWInsider reports that Ric Flair and TNA are at a major impasse and there is a ton of heat on Flair for his conduct outside of the ring. One source described it as “being at the point it’s not worth keeping Flair around.”

There have been a number of incidents with Flair at local establishments in Orlando since he joined TNA. Flair was reportedly banned from drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe at Citiwalk due to an incident.

There also have been many stories about Flair not being able to cover bar tabs and company management getting calls from hotel or bar management seeking payment. Something similar recently happened at a hotel TNA has a good relationship with and that was said to be the final tipping point. Flair was pulled from live events and TV tapings after that incident.

Several people in the company have been against using him as a regular since he came to TNA, noting that while he carries a high price tag, he hasn’t drew money or ratings for TNA.

Spike TV sources also report that there have been a number of requests from the network for TNA to keep Flair dressed and not have him “near nude” and bleeding at his age on TV.

Word going around over the weekend was that Flair is done with TNA but that’s not confirmed yet.

Source: PWInsider

  • Rob

    Flair could’ve stayed with WWE as a backstage guy, but maybe that’s just not for him? I don’t know the man but I’m sure WWE would’ve given him a job doing something to that extent. He could help the younger talent with his knowledge. He doesn’t need to be on TV.

  • Please fire Hogan!! He is doing no justice for the company. The fans want to see there favorites and your not producing them. Go back to making movies or something. Just leave, let your self be know as a nothing. Are you doing this for a reason. Well it is not working. It is going to fail and run into the ground. LEAVE, LEAVE, Please. Everyone is turned off right now!!!

  • Borat

    “Several people in the company have been against using him as a regular since he came to TNA, noting that while he carries a high price tag, he hasn’t drew money or ratings for TNA.”

    This paragraph should also be used for Hogan. I mean, as it says, he has drawn no money or ratings since he’s been in TNA..

    Fire Hogan, it’s simple.

  • Prince albert

    he shouldn’t have signed with a broke shitful company, cant wait for him to go back home to the WWE where he is wanted and respected.

  • chronoxiong

    Ric Flair is only in it for the money right now. It’s obvious folks. Too much debt that’s he in that he will never quit. He’s the real life version of Mickey Rourke’s character in “The Wrestler.”

  • Just Saying

    I think it’s funny that TNA made Ric Flair into a border line crazy character but yet Bobby Rude gets over (and rightfully so) using a Ric Flair type gimmick. Bring back the laid back stylin and profilin Flair but make him a manager

  • prince albert

    ohh i’m not done yet :@… before the TNA start defending TNA, whats wrong with an old guy thats earned respect from all his peers and everyone in the wrestling world to enjoy semi retirement without being babysit like a fuckin child, he is a tired old man that want to relax and have fun.

    i doubt many people have wrestled atleast 70 mins everynight for years without relying on huge fuckin spots like sot monkeys today. even today Rics work rate / in ring ability would be far better then most. maybe his stamina and in ring ability isn’t up to par as it used to be, but work rate ( working the crowds ) keeping the crowd would be fuckin good.

    Ric could possibly have a drinking problem but he hasn’t fucked a PPV like methboy hardy, and what does jeff get as punishment. a paid holiday.

    Ric should go back to WWE and sign a legends contract, atleast there they will respect him and not ask more then he is capable of, have some semi classic matches vs. Big show ( ecw championship ) vs. HBK . Vs, Triple h, without being pounded for running up a bar tab. hell i bet WWE wouldn’t bat en eye if he run up bar tabs, trips would gladly let ric use the private jet to take himself from bar to bar.

  • prince albert

    If TNA wasn’t tight with money or broke they wouldn’t have to get rid of a LEGEND for something as petty as a fuckin bar tab. does anyone know how much andre the giant could drink? you think anyone would have fired him for running up a bar tab?

    Tna is very petty and pathetic, if they had balls they would say the real reason.. he isn’t a draw anyone.. plain and simple, firing someone over a bar tab makes them look poor and stupid.

    Ric flair has gained more respect then the Whole of TNA and they need to recognise greatness. Nature boy in his prime could and would Wrestle rings around anyone in TNA,

    I was fucking pissed off from the beginning when they hired Flair, he should have stayed retired. its TNAs fault for hiring and old man and expecting more then he’s capable of.

    FUck you TNA.

  • MJ

    hiring ric flair is the worst mistake since they hired the nasty boyz

  • Chris

    That’s funny ## because I was about to just say TNA is too good for Flair. So is WWE to be honest

  • Eddie Money

    Funny that Flair thinks he can still get away with his shenanigans. That’s saying something if TNA doesn’t want him around anymore. TNA needs to take the step of taking a look at the older non-home grown guys and seeing who can draw and do a little spring cleaning and build the home grown guys.

  • ##

    ……”he hasn’t drew money or ratings for TNA”. Who has??? You got Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy and their still pulling in the same ratings? Bring Flair back to the WWE as a manager!!! He’s to good for TNA.

  • yofits

    Flair vs Undertaker at WM29.

  • Ron

    Ric flair should just be a manager had his age.

  • poko

    First, let me just say that I grew up watching the NWA. Flair was the best heel I’ve ever seen in my entire life, bar none. His promos were legendary and he was a master at ring psychology. All aspects of being a professional wrestler considered, I think he was the most complete package the industry has ever seen.

    However, that being said, it’s past time for him to step aside. What a promotion can do with him is extremely limited. His upside is almost zero. The time he soaks up would be better spent on someone who is still building their career.

    At this point in his life, he would be better served by following Arn Anderson’s example, clean up his life-style, and get a backstage job helping young talent improve.


    Flair just needs to disappear he’s already ruined his legacy

  • Adam

    Ric should go back to the WWE and form a new 4 Horsemen group consisting of Dolph Ziggler, Mason Ryan, Michael McGillicutty, and Husky Harris

  • SYM

    @hitmanmontreal Bret Hart? G G Get out of Here!

  • Justin sane

    @ hunter just be sure to take your wallet…

  • Hunter

    I’d love to have a night out with flair!

  • hitmanmontreal

    Tna have Hogan-Flair-Angle-Dudley boys-Sting-rvd-ajstyle-jeff hardy-mr andersson-lots of young prospect and still can make it happen …Story line suck’s the way tna looks it look like good old wcw thunder lol Flair need to join wwe same for Angle …

  • CC

    Lets face it, Flair never really wanted to go to TNA, he wanted to go back to WWE but they wouldnt allow it as it devalued their whole retirement thing with him.
    Flair is always desperate for money because of his lifestyle, and after he realised he couldnt make anywhere near as much money on appearances at indy feds and signings as he thought he could, he had no other option than to go to TNA as at least there he could get a decent pay cheque based on his legendary status.

    Flair is a legend there is no doubt, but the guy is a financial liability and is well know for having “incidents” in public.
    Signing Flair and then being surprised when all this happens, is pretty blinkered. Just as it was pretty blinkered to expect the likes of Hall, Waltman and the Nasty Boyz to not be trouble.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    It was obvious Flair wasn’t happy in TNA at the HOF ceremony. Fans we’re chanting “Please come back”, and Flair said he wants to.

  • SYM

    When Your a Wrestling God you dont have to Follow the Rules…WOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Allen

    Come back to WWE Flair and win the WWE Championship ONE MORE TIME!