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- Though presently the bodyguard for TNA Wrestling star Robbie E, Rob Terry aspires to come into his own and become the star attraction of the Orlando-based promotion.

“My goal in the wrestling world is to become the Impact Wrestling world heavyweight champion and the face of Impact Wrestling,” he told BodyBuilding.com in an interview. “I’d love to meet as many of my loyal supporters as I can. Impact Wrestling has some of the best fans in the world.”

He also revealed that his dream opponent is Hulk Hogan. Regarding “The Hulkster,” he states, “He has done so much in this industry and was one of the first wrestlers to inspire me.”

The 6-foot-5, 295 pounds grappler uses bodybuilding to hone his massive physique and competitive edge. He says of his overall philosophy on training, “My philosophy on training boils down to one thing and one thing only: intensity. Intensity is what I bring to the wrestling ring and to the weight room; it’s what takes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to the next level. There are many training routines out there. People tend to jump from one program to another. I believe that no matter what program you’re using, if you apply intensity, believe in what you’re doing, and give 100%, you’re going to grow.”

Terry also reveals his workout routine, his biggest lifts, how he wound up in TNA Wrestling and more. The full interview is available here.

- Brooke Hogan, Executive in Charge of TNA Wrestling’s Knockouts division, is going for a new look. She tweeted the following photo of herself with black hair.

  • luckysalt

    They always say if you’re in the wrestling business and you don’t want to be the main event and world champion then leave the wrestling business.

    Of course he wants to be champion, TNA has so many stars now, I just don’t see it happening, back in early days of TNA booked differently like say Batista he could have been world champ but I don’t think they could change his gimmick successfully enough now.

    Oh and the photo of Brooke, she looks awful, I actually think she’s looked pretty hot on impact in recent weeks

  • Angry Benny

    “Man! I really want to see that ROb Terry Guy carry my bags from the lobby, its really heavy, but when it comes to wrestling, sorry! no draw, no emotion, I totally forgot who he was, If you were to name the top 10 in tna, he wouldn’t come up, top 20, wouldn’t come up, if you asked if he was on the roster, I’d have to look it up he’s so forgetable, If his biggest stint in wrestling is carrying a clipboard that says VIP LIST for a JErsey Shore Loser! What a Maroon

  • Craig

    You know, if guys like Hogan, Goldberg and Cena have taught us anything is that you don’t always have to be great in the ring to be a face of a company. The major component to that is having enough charisma to put arses in the seats. However, and I do admire the guy for wanting to be the guy to carry the ball, I don’t see anyone ever saying, “Man, I really want to go see that Rob Terry guy”.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Yeah… Lifting a lot, and having a lot of muscles mean nothing, if you have less wrestling talent than Cena…

  • Tyler(:

    All I hear is sheep everytime I hear about Terry.. oh well, probably connected too the fact he’s Welsh.

  • ant

    rob terry needs to improve his in ring talent a TAD BIT to be the face of TNA

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