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Rob Van Dam Taking Time Off from WWE In October, Backstage News on His Current Contract

– Rob Van Dam is scheduled to exit the WWE storylines some time in October, either after the Battleground pay-per-view or after the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view.

Van Dam reportedly has 90 day blocks in his new contract where he will work for 90 days and then take some time off to rest before coming back to work another 90 days.

Source: PWInsider

  • Jeff Wurtz

    RVD isn’t exactly a spring chicken so I like what he is doing in his feud now. And he’s getting Ricardo over so that’s a plus too.

  • abbasadabad

    You know, the “top guys”, instead of having 6 guys who vie for the belts, of which 3 pass them back and forth in a game of checkers, it would be better if all their “main event, big money guys” worked in “cycles” to give the fans a break from their face, and to create room for others.

    They could instead have 12 top main eventers who vie for the belts, of which 2-4 changes per year and fresh faces in the main event scene. I wouldn’t mind seeing Batista 8 times a year. I don’t mind seeing Brock 8 times a year, I don’t mind seeing Mick Foley or Shawn Michaels 8 times a year. I hate The Rock and I don’t mind seeing him 8 times a year. I wouldn’t mind seeing John Cena 8 times a year, frankly!!! I don’t want to see these people every week.

    This is called periodization, where different characters are rotated and cycled in a way which keeps the belt at top and center, ensuring there are always great storylines between the main eventers to further endorse with the belt. Periodization also refers to athletic training regimens where they train hard one week before the game, then train soft and light for a few weeks to give the body time to regenerate.

    This would also be good for the health of superstars and it would permit a much larger size roster without worrying about “too many guys for one to shine” syndrome.

  • abbasadabad

    Nothing wrong with that.

  • abbasadabad

    Ricardo will say he learned that “American’s Suck and Latino’s Rule and he wants to be a winner instead of a loser”.

    Maybe they will have him get “arrested” while cutting a promo for drugs in his gym bag, and it will be learned ADR hired Ricardo to put them there.

  • millerj265

    Yeah that’s true and hey if the entire McMahon family can forgive orton for basically trying to murder them all by kicking them in the head as hard as he possibly can, im sure Ricardo can forgive ADR for a few butt whooping’s lol

  • Solid

    “Tough love” he’s beaten Ricardo before and kept him by his side, who knows.

  • millerj265

    That is very true

  • ddfindl

    It’s WWE, it doesn’t need to make sense

  • millerj265

    Probably right. Although idk how wwe will explain it given the vicious beatings ADR has given him and the fact that Ricardo held the chair in place for RVD to hit the van terminator on ADR at NOC, but given wwes track record logic doesn’t always have to have a role in dictating there storylines lol.

  • ddfindl

    Ricardo screws RVD at Battleground or HIAC and Del Rio “breaks” his arm with the armbar.

  • Sam Peters

    he would prob take a month or two off, come back just before the Royal Rumble and then have a storyline for Wrestlemania, before taking time off again and coming back for MITB or SummerSlam lol