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The Rock & John Cena Trade Insults Online, Michael Cole Returns to NXT

– Michael Cole returned to WWE NXT this week for “one night only” to fill in for William Regal on commentary. No word yet why Regal wasn’t there.

– On Memorial Day, The Rock posted a photo from his family farm of he and his horse Scoob. The Rock referred to the horse’s large teeth as “John Cena teeth.”

After Monday’s RAW, Cena responded to The Rock with the following on Twitter:

“Hey dwayne. Glad u had fun on the farm. Would loved to have joined u and scoob…but I was at RAW looking for the guy who brings it…. Guess he decided he had better things to do…you know…like….hang out….on the farm…and stuff. :)”

  • chris

    And The Rock isn’t as funny cus of the pg crap..

  • chris

    Cena…Give up already

  • Mattitude

    Cena falls back on the same insult? I’m not a fan of Cena, never will be but Rocky does the exact same thing… Each time he was addressing Cena it would be the Fruity Pebbles joke. However neither have been even remotely funny.

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    Rock’s joke wasn’t funny either so they both suck.


    is everyone in denial….i bet half of u didnt even read the cena tweet, just saw cena trades insults as the title and assumed it wasn’t funny. How dare Cena make fun of “Him” The Great One. Until The Rock is back on tv every week or so Cena wins. Hes the guy on the road busting his *** 300 times a year, while pretty boy Rock is collecting his checks from The Tooth Fairy. I know ur response “U must be 7 years old” No one realizes how much heart John Cena has for WWE.

  • Gary

    honestly, rock can come back for one time and make ex-wwf fans come back running…john cena is always there and the ex-wwf guys rather watch tna….we ALL know rock will win at WM…next please

  • erik

    who cares what cena says. wwe is not even worth a dime of my time. with all my favorite wrestlers gone. all wwe has is cena and orton in main events. does vince know how to make stars anymore?

  • Greg

    The smiley face really sells that comment… to 8 year olds!

  • Big T

    I’m not much of a Cena fan, but that insult will work until the rock actually shows up on a regular basis.

  • Saintsman

    Yup yup. Cena sucks

  • D2K

    @CC: How is telling the truth an insult? That for the most part what Cena has done to The Rock. You are right. It’s NOT funny that The Rock is a liar and uses the fans that he says he ‘loves’ and that he will ‘never leave again’ for his own selfish purposes. Even Austin took a shot at The Rock on Tough Enough about his flaky behavior and that is in the Rock’s words ‘his’ boy.

    The Rock however is the GROWN MAN running around yelling about Barney turds, Power Rangers, Fruity Pebbles, and screaming “YABBA DABBA DO” at Wrestlemania 27. Don’t feel sorry for John Cena. Feel sorry for the people whom are not junior-high school students whom think that this is entertainment.

  • You Saw it Coming

    okay let me make a few corrections to my previous post. it should say “when he’s done with her” and Primo lol.

  • You Saw it Coming

    ACTUALLY. While Super Cena is trying to be the savior of RAW. Zack Ryder is taking care, spiking his hair, and making Cena wife say WOO WOO WOO……YOU KNOW IT BRO. And when his done with her, he takes his shades off and throws them at her face while Carlito takes notes, and Curt Hawkings records the video. The Big O gets the left overs after Ryder is done.


    Cena just isnt funny. He tries but ultimately fails. SAD!

  • JIR

    thats why there is always a SANCHO that will take care of your wife when you don’t care enough of them

  • keylo

    I say she feels fine seen as she is getting some sweet loving from VKM while superman is off saving Wrestling.

  • CC

    Poor Cena, he just keeps falling back to the same insult over and over again, and it really wasnt that funny the first time.
    And also, is Cena saying that being at home isnt important or fun?
    Wonder how his wife feels about that?