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The Rock Responds to CM Punk’s Promo from RAW

– The Rock posted the following on Twitter in response to CM Punk’s promo from Raw…

“CM Punk: it’s simple business – The Rock is the main event at Wrestlemania cause it draws more money in one night, then u will in lifetime.”

  • CiB

    The Rock makes a valid point- BUT drawing power isn’t just based on talent, it’s also based on how well the talent is utilised. the Rock was very well used, so his talent draws it#s maximum drawing potential- Punk could have much greater drawing power if he were used properly.

    Put it this way- have the Rock never pick up a clean win against another main eventer for 3 years in the late 90’s and he wouldn’t draw as well as he did.

  • Me

    Yo, chill out everyone! You’re getting all worked up over a twitter comment! All you people complaining about the Rock are the same people who were cheering for him during the attitude era. All you people saying CM Punk shouldn’t have said those comments towards the Rock, it was just a work for storyline purposes!!!GET OVER IT!!!

  • ohdear

    Oh man so much mainstream/non-stream hipster bullshit around here XD. “Uugh true fans will remember cm punk he’s the betr wrasslr” “nuuu rocks better ur jus tryn to be edgy and different.” hypocrisy and bollocks. Love it.

    Thinking about it this isn’t really the first time rockys acted like a dickbag when someone’s said something other than “rock is the best I respect him utterly.” Case in point, the entire cena/rock story is based around cena saying in an interview that he’s not pulling a dwayne and leaving wwe to do acting.

    Either way he’s misinterpreted punks point. Punk’s upset that despite all his work the most he gets is a firm place as a top-card jobber, no main events like miz, cena, orton etc, all because he won’t kiss vinces ass like all the other guys. Let’s get that straight btw all the former company faces did their fair share of ass kissing. Even stone cold, he just got away with it because of the mcmahon feud, and he worked his own ass off to get to the ass kissing level. It’s probably for the best that we all just calm down 🙂

    One other thing, people saying would win if they had a match? It’s wrestling, not real innit 🙂

  • John Cheesa

    You have to take it with a grain of salt. These guys are big boys–they can handle it well enough.

  • John Cheesa

    I think everyone is overreacting. This is just The Rock being The Rock. In fact, that Twitter post is one of his old catchphrase lines: “than you get in a lifetime, baby!” He’s just playing it up. I personally have nothing against Dwayne. He has charisma and the ability to get himself in a position to be successful. How can you fault him? I also like Punk. He had a great promo, and is a great performer. He’s probably the most refreshing wrestler WWE has now. The Rock is a showman and is just having some good fun. I remember when he called out Ohio State when they played Miami last year and people were all up in arms, but it’s all in good fun and is all part of the appeal of the game of college football. Thus, what he said here about Punk is all about the appeal of pro wrestling–that,and the discussion that has resulted from his Tweet.

  • venom

    Now it would be nice to see a Punk/Rock feud. This is a storyline. We all know The Rock is a bigger draw than Punk. Both are great, but Rock would win if they had a match. Anybody that says different didn’t watch during The Attitude Era.

  • Stumpy

    Has anyone stopped to the think that these wrestlers, all of the ones in the same promotion, are simply using Twitter to fuel possible storylines and get people to watch? Think about it… It’s all part of the master plan to expand their audience. If they use twitter, it makes it look like these rivalries are real and gives it more of a personal effect. It basically is a shoot just put on Twitter.

  • Prime Time Greatness

    i’m gonna be honest here. Cm Punk is good, The Rock is Great, Cena sucks. see i’m being honest so listen.

    CM is a good wrestler. I said Rock was a better wrestler earlier but i can’t really know that for sure. Rock was confirmed to be great. in this day and age. Punk is untested against REAL talent like Rock was. Cena wasn’t always garbage, the way he is, he makes a much better heel. he’s a guy on the wrong side. Like Rock was always a great face but a not so good heel. When Rock was heel, he was at his most boring. CM Punk had a chance at an epic story with the straight edge thing, If he had better people with him and they pushed it more. but in this day and age where wrestling don’t matter and nor does talents of any kind really. Punk can’t shine. If WWE shuffled stuff around they could really make things great. Their only prob is keeping Cena a face. it’s messing up everything and everyone.

  • Teran

    Everyone mad about Twitter trashtalk.

    Thank God I don’t use that shit.


    some true marks on here.

    I see some marks saying shit like oh true wrestling fans will remember punk above the riock… BULLSHIT

    Who are these true fans? are those the same fans wh shit on todays product and beg for the attitude era to come back eh, oh and why is exaly you want that back, oh yeah BECAUSE OF THE ROCK

    Soooo many banfwago jumpers on here its crazy, Rock will go down as one of the greatest eever, punk wont.

    Punk cut an amazing promo , but sorry its not hard to do that if you are allowed to go out and say whatever you want, all he did was troll the internet look at what they were pissed at and said it.

    Whereas Rock cut amazing kayfabe promo week after week which is much harder, and the people bitching on here are the same people who treated rock like the saviour when he returned saying his promo was the best in years.

    Oh and btw, the rok is very good wrestler, head ans dhoulders above Cena


    lol punk rock aint that sound funny !! both of these lames are losers …punk will never be rock and rock is a cowardto be talking trash on twitter (internet bullying ?)

  • nick

    no matter how u look at it, its true. cm punk is 10 times the wrestler the rock is. but when it comes down to it, its all about money. punk cant match up to rock in terms of drawing

  • Kevin

    CM PUNK VS STONE COLD at WM 28…I hope this is the start of a bigger storyline because you cant build Punk up like this just for him to walk away. I know WWE storylines are 3-4 weeks except for Cole and Lawylers 3 month fued.

  • Austin

    Obviously Rock gets more views seeing how great the Wrestlemania buys were(Sarcasm)

  • tyson

    I could see it now: Cm Punk vs The Rock at summerslam

  • Gary

    besides the BS yall wanna use as points, read the statement, its true, get over it

  • Joe Piscapo

    Everyone needs to stop swingin’ off Punk’s nutsack. He’s allowed to talk crap about The Rock, but Th Rock is an asshole once he responds? Give me a break. Punk is a great wrestler, but he will NEVER be as big as The Rock. A lot of marks and bandwagon jumpers exposin’ themselves on this site.

  • cakes

    What CM Punk said about regarding the Rock being in the main event at WM28 is true to an extent with many other wrestlers feeling the same way. The Rock retires from the ring, comes back 7 years later to host a WM and comes back the next year to headline the show isnt fair to the group of wrestlers who’ve been busting their ass for the company all the awhile he was gone. But the truth is, it wasnt fair when hogan did it with the rock in WM x8 and it wasnt fair when HHH and Undertaker came back the same night to headline WM27. at the end of the day, it’s business and cena vs the rock, like it or and agree or disagree, is the modern day dream feud. Its the biggest feud, with the biggest stars, at the biggest event in wrestling so that makes perfect sense
    Regarding the rocks comments, what did he say to piss off all these die hard CM punk fans? Im a fan of the rock and a fan of CM punk. I understand CM punk is passionate about wrestling, but for him to single out the rock headlining WM is insane. The rock is 100% right in terms of being a bigger draw and that is the sole reason he is headlining WM 28. The rock isn’t just some random guy who hasn’t paid his dues, or perform. CM punk should be singling out guys like the miz and ADR for being in championship matches at WM over him, because CM punk can most definiately out-wrestle and out-talk both of those guys.
    The main disagreement, or confusion, i had with punk’s promo was why he called the rock one of the biggest VKM ass kissers? I understand cena and i understand hogan, but the rock is the one performer to walk away from the WWE and VKM and become more successful without him or the company. i’M sure the WWE was begging the rock to come back to this years WM and VKM kissed the rocks ass to get him to wrestle at next years mania. So can someone please explain to me how cm punk can call the rock one of the biggest VKM ass kissers?

  • Stumpy

    It’s all part of Punk vs the Corporation. Rock is one of VKM’s boys. Don’t be surprised to see him return and be part of this storyline along with Trips. Or he can just disappear again for another 7 years…

  • Bill

    Hey, I realized it’s an angle, but The Rock did abandon the fans for 7 years & is gone once again. Punk isn’t the guy who would leave the business like that.

  • Jimbo

    LOL @ all the Punk marks raging over Rock’s comments.

  • Prime Time Greatness

    Rock’s promos and matches were both great to watch. CM Punk rarely does anything entertaining. Wrestling wise, Rock was great, he had a lengthy moveset. And he wrestled in an era where people actually wrestlled, when it took skill and physical ability, not kissin vince ass like what Cena does. HHH did it too, but without a doubt, HHH didn’t need to.

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    For once I agree with The Rock. CM Punk is a great talent but when it comes to who is the bigger star? The Rock will always be miles ahead no matter what Punk accomplishes.

  • Steve

    I like Rock, but I can’t help but think he’s totally missed the point (that’s if of course, he’s been serious, he may not be).

  • JAck45

    So true!
    CM Punk is good, but hes no big draw like the rock and never will be.
    hate me for saying that all u want mark, but its true…
    also… umm punk v rock in an actual fight…. yeah sorry but the rock would destroy punks scrawny ass

  • CM Mark

    It’s clear to me that there are “wrestling” fans on here and there are “entertainer” fans. The rock is not now, nor was he ever a good wrestler. If it wasn’t for stone cold I doubt the rock would be where he is today. Just my opinion, but I just don’t get why people like to be predictably entertained with worn out catch phrases and the same lame finisher. I mean his finisher is as lame as Hogan’s. TBH I would rather watch super cena than dee-wayne’s candy a$$.

  • Friday Couldnt Come Sooner

    im glad some ppl on here kno not to take things so seriously. Rock and CmPunk are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and that is to keep the ppl guessing. And that’s why they’re both great entertainers.

  • Fan

    The Rock > CM Punk…If I ever decide to attend an live WWE show again..I rather spend my money on The Rock than Punk..cause no one wants to see his punk ass

  • Assassino

    did any of you guys watch the attitude era? the rock was and still is the man, maybe you guys should consider i dont know watching something more your age like Sesame Street

  • Prime Time Greatness

    CM punk busted his ass the past several years. Rock busted his ass playin football, then wrestling, then movies. People hate him cuz he didn’t stick around to die out like other starts who stayed too long. Rock completed all he could in his career. No reason for the Rock to be back, nothing he can gain. And he had to do it with HBK and HHH trying to get vince to ruin him. Meanwhile, Cena kisses ass just like HHH did. Punk isn’t even that good. he’s ages better than Cena but still not that good. Cena got one thing over punk though. Cena is funny sometimes. Punk is boring. bret hart 2.0 with the mic.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    FUCK CM PUNK, everybody in the wwe busts their asses 4 the company. So what makes punk so special? Name 1 person in the wwe that has a main event spot or close 2 it main event that hasn’t busted their asses?

  • Justin

    CENASUCKS put it best. CM Punk is great but he isn’t as entertaining as The Rock even at his best. Plain and simple. Punk had a great promo, but it wasn’t as completely amazing as everyone says it was. “I’m the best” blah blah blah was derivative. As much as I liked the promo, it was a pissed off guy on the mic–it wasn’t gimmick. HHH being pissed off on the mic was a pissed off HHH.

  • CM Mark

    Exactly how I feel man. I was excited to see him again it was all the same. His wrestling style is kind of like Orton. It’s not bad, but it’s always the same 3 or 4 moves.

    We all KNOW it’s a work but it’s still fun to participate in it!

  • Kevin

    The Rocks promos were all the same week in and week out…Not much changed after 7 years. He had his fans in the palm of his hands…Were they funny yes but was it getting stale yes..

  • sammy

    punk promo was great, but remember thre rock was doing promo after promo after promo for years.and they have all been punk isn’t a drawer in the business,but the rock shut the fuck up u think wm 27 would have drawn over one million buys without the rock? think again. and btw it doesn’t matter what u think!

  • simon07

    He said it on twitter so it must be true right? It must be what he really feels and is not a way to try and put Punk more over right?

    Wouldn’t it have been crap if he came out and said ‘yay it was a great promo go punk’?

    Plus its true, Dwayne Johnson will draw more money than Punk simple. How dare he tell the truth on twitter.

    And as far as him spending most of his money Bill i doubt it. All of the films hes been in have made decent money so i doubt you’ll be seeing him begging on the streets anytime soon.

    I like CM Punk but i like the Rock, i just choose not to jump from one ship to another.

  • JIR

    I am a Rock fan but Punk can actually kick his as in the ring and on the mic also anytime in the streets

  • wildeye

    Its only an angle coming from both of them.I am a Rock fan but i like CM Punks wrestling. There really isnt much comparison with any of the superstars of today with those of the past. If none of them were worth it they wouldnt be doing what they do.

  • CC

    Jesus, some of you are total marks. It’s all just a work fer fucksake, and Rocks comments are no different to Punks comments.
    Are you seriously saying that you dont expect The Rock to publicly defend himself to further enforce this angle?

  • mj

    i like cm punk more then the rock. the rock is a good entertainer but cm punk is x20 better then the rock will ever be in the ring!

  • ash

    i will only say one thing i feel sorry for punk if he ever had the balls to promo with the rock because the the rock would serve him up like a slice of pie

  • Greatness

    I would pay for CM Punk and not some washed up version of the Rock.

  • ash

    weell put dwayne speaking from the heart punk is just a jealouse obsessed fella and cant hold a candle to the rock and rock has been gone doing what makes him happy and vice versa for punk so whats the differe3nce you tool

  • CM Mark

    Punk didn’t need to work with Rock or Hogan to know about their history with Vince. That point is stupid. Also, Punk has cut promo after promo, he has even ben in the announce team and was gold. Go watch the tooth fairy and get yourself some real “entertainment”, leave the wrestling to the “wrestlers”.


    Yep you are a MARK!!

  • CM Mark

    Personally, IMO, I think D-Wayne is about as exciting on the mic as he is in the ring. I would rather watch Hornswoggle…


    How is punk gonna talk about the Rock and Hogan if he never even worked with it must be part of the show. Plus you cut one good promo and all of a sudden you are the promo champion. Give me a fuckin bucket for all these punk nut swallowers. The Rock is done he is only coming back for the match everybody wants to see and thats Rock VS Cena we have already seen Punk VS Cena

  • CM Mark

    What an arrogant piece of shi#. I bet he would never say that to Punk’s face and REALLY mean it. Punk would break his face.

  • Bill

    The Rock sounds like an asshole when making that statement. Isn’t it weird how Rock worked for 7 years in WWE, then stayed away for 7 years before coming back. It’s like he almost spent all the money from his career & needed more. Plus, ever since Fast Five, Rock hasn’t showed up on WWE TV……

  • Josh

    And as far as “Rock will be considered one of the best, Punk wont” Yeah…Maybe to the typical moronic WWE fan. But to actual WRESTLING fans. CM Punk could wipe the floor with Rocky.

  • Josh

    CM Punk overrated? Right…You are probably the kind that thinks The Great Khali is a badass wrestler, don’t you?


    Punks promo was good but the Rock still rules him in that catagory


    So thats it then, everyone jumping on the punk bandwagon eh?

    As for where was the rock when punk was busting his ass, he was away making movies after retiring from the ring where he busted his ass as one of the faces of the company during the most successful time in wrestling history.

    Not suprised though at the internet hating on Rock, thats what sad fucks on here do, bitch about the mainstream stars to try seem cool and edgey.

    Rock is a great character, who would destroy CM Punk if they were to trade on the mic, and Dwayne is a top human being.

    I love that before Punks promo the rock was the saviour, the only guy who could stop Cena, now everyone is jumping on the punk bandwagon.

    Fact is,Rock will be considered one of the greatest ever, Punk wont.

    Oh and why is it fine for punk to trash rock on live tv but not rock trashing on punk

  • Rucdogg

    so what…he busts his ass while the rock is gone yes, but push come to shove, rock draws more money than punk any day. everyone is so happy punk told the “truth” while talking shit about rock, but the truth is rock is and always will be bigger than punk. besides a few punk marks, the guy is overrated. i said it.

  • Rich

    dwayne is an asshole and i’m a huge fan of the rock punk busts his ass for the wwe

  • Kevin

    Yeah its a paycheck for Dwayne thats it… Dude is a draw because Vince let him do him but Vince waited to long to give Punk the same respect and now 3 weeks before he is gone he gives him the floor and look what happens…

  • Omar

    The Rock being the douchebag that he is. Where was he the last 6 years when CM Punk was busting his ass day in and day out?

  • ohdear

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooh fuck you dwayne.