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The Rock Working on Second Book, WWE Star Makes Note of Absence, Ryder Reflects on Edgeheads

– Michael McGillicutty asked on Twitter, “Can someone explain to me why Michael McGillicutty is not on Raw or Smackdown? I can’t…”

– Zack Ryder reflected on forming Edgeheads five years ago, writing on Twitter, “In Rochester, N.Y. …five years ago here The Major Brothers became Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins. #Edgeheads.”

– As noted earlier, John Cena re-tweeted a message The Rock posted on Twitter yesterday. Today The Rock made mention of the re-tweet writing, “Not surprised at all you’d RT something positive. The ‘Steel Horse’ is a good man. Brahma Bull vs Steel Horse. Good ring to it.”

– Also on Twitter, The Rock was asked if he would ever write a fitness book. The Rock replied, “Writing my second memoir now. The fitness idea is a great one too and will do that as well down the road.”

  • Tombstone

    @Step Brothers—–Technically he did not stay out. Remember the last WM? And all the appearances leading up to it?

  • yofitz

    Cut Curt Hawkins hair and pair Hawkins & Ryder up again with CHRISTAN CAGE this time. #Cagers

  • Aye!!! Thats a live ass nickname!

  • Robinson

    I like mike man. They could easily give him a more aggressive spin off of his dads perfect character.

  • Step Brothers

    The Rock rules, he’s one of the only wrestlers get out out and stay out make no mistake about it WWE needs the Rock the Rock don’t need WWE!

  • Diesel

    Hawkins & Ryder were awesome, I remember when they first debuted as “The Major Brothers” on WWE/ECW they should put them back together as part of the reviving tag team division. Hawkins has basically become a jobber which sucks & Ryder has gone on to become a Jersey Shore rip off & comedy act teaming with Santino, what they should do is put them back together on Raw or Smackdown andake them important again like when they were with Edge.