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Rock Working Out with Injuries, Which NXT Stars Are Close to Debuting?

– The Rock noted on Twitter early this morning that he was doing a cardio workout. An hour later he tweeted the following:

“My dr’s said that starting back training w/ torn abdominals would be a bitch. Just found out they were right;). We gotta push thru..”

– It’s said that the top three WWE NXT wrestlers who are close to being called up to WWE’s main roster are Bray Wyatt, Kassius Ohno and Adrian Neville, the former Pac.

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  • Scooter

    The only problem I have with Wyatt is theres already one group running around in the shield and don’t see how another can fit into the main roster in a prominent position.

  • Dave

    Since it looks like Oliver Grey is out for the foreseeable future, I’d quite like to see Adrian Neville in a tag team with Evan Bourne, who is by all accounts, pretty much ready to make a comeback. I know it would be a risk, since Bourne is on 2 wellness strikes right now, but they would make for an epic high flying tag team.
    Think it would be a bit sudden to put Neville straight into the US or IC title picture straight away.

  • DanielsonFan

    Those guys gave all been the stand outs in NXT, huge fan of Ohno. Can’t wait to see Pac there too, fellow Englishman, would love to see him feud with McIntrye, they had a great match a few years back.

  • DanielsonFan

    Thank you Based God.

  • YES! to all 3 of them being called up, Bray Wyatt can do something with his Wyatt family, Kassius Ohno can feud/team with Cesaro and Adrian Neville can be a good challenger for the US/IC title or in a tag team (Kofi, Borune, Kidd, Gabriel) someone like that